How To Improve Your Front Door Security

Are you worried about someone breaking into your home? Do you have an older lock on your front door or does your front door lock need to be repaired? Hiring a residential locksmith to ensure you have the best front door security can go a long way to giving you the peace of mind you desire. Here are a few of the best ways you can improve front door security.

Choose the Right Lock/Door Knob

Most door hardware is installed into a hole that is created within the door. This hole weakens the door and becomes a target of those looking to break in. You can combat this issue by using a metal door-and-lock reinforcer. This type of product is made of brass, stainless steel, iron or another strong metal.

In addition, you need a good lock cylinder and a good door knob or handle. You don't want something cheaply made and easy to destroy. Burglars will often try to pick the lock, drill it, bump it or use another trick to get past your lock cylinder. Choosing the right lock and lock hardware goes a long way to improving the security of your front door.

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Install Inward Facing Door Hinges

Another area of your front door vulnerable to break-ins are the hinges. There are two types of hinges used on doors: inward facing and outward facing. By installing inward facing door hinges, you will make the hinges inaccessible to a criminal trying to break in.

In addition, you can add a few other components to the hinges of your front door to ensure it's secure. Enhanced security studs, 3-inch set screws and corrugated pins make it much more difficult to break in by compromising the hinges.

Add a Strike Plate

Using a strike plate on the front door gives you a more reinforced area making it more secure. However, if this plate isn't installed correctly, it can make your front door less secure. With a properly-installed strike plate, it's much more difficult for an intruder to break down your front door. Make sure to have your strike plate professionally installed with longer screws.

Use a Solid Wood or Metal Door

Sometimes, homes are created with hollow core front doors. These doors are not nearly as secure as a solid wood or metal door. A solid door will be a bit more expensive, but it's incredibly secure compared to a hollow core door.

Add a Camera and Motion Sensor Lighting

The final step to improving your front door security is to add a camera and a motion sensor light. The light will scare off many burglars before they get close enough to even try to break in. The presence of a camera also helps to ensure burglars won't break in because they will be caught red-handed.

If you want to secure your front door and gain the peace of mind you deserve, use the above tips. Make sure to hire a professional locksmith to install everything you need to gain better front door security.

How a Commercial Locksmith can Secure Your Business

Protecting your business is very important. It's your livelihood and the livelihood of all your employees. In addition, you've probably put your heart and soul into building your business.

Making sure you have the right security for your business matters. With a commercial locksmith, you can better protect your business and set yourself up for success. Here are some of the ways a commercial locksmith will help give you the peace of mind in knowing your business is secured.

Locks and Hardware

It starts with the entry points to your building. If you have the ability to change or replace the locks and other hardware, a commercial locksmith can help with this task. The right locks will help to keep your business secure and other hardware will also ensure breaking in is much more difficult.

In addition, a commercial locksmith can set you up with punch-code locks to ensure you always know who is in the building. There are several advanced locks to consider and your locksmith can help you choose the right locks for your needs.

Lock Repairs, Rekeying & Installation

If you have locks you need to have repaired or rekeyed, a commercial locksmith will help. With the right locksmith on the job, you won't have anything to worry about. A good commercial locksmith will repair, rekey and install any locks you need including exterior doors, interior doors, windows and more.

Commercial-Grade Products

A true commercial locksmith will offer commercial-grade products including hardware, locks and other necessary products. You will have the best security possible because the locks and hardware are designed for commercial doors.


Security Cameras

Along with handling your locks, a commercial locksmith may also be able to install security cameras to boost your business security. Cameras not only help to deter crime, but they also keep employees honest and give you a picture of what's really going on. Even just cameras as entry points can make a big difference.


Safe Installation

Your business likely needs a safe. Your commercial locksmith will help to ensure you choose the right safe, along with installing it for you. Whether you need a safe for sensitive documents, cash deposits or any other reason, your locksmith will help to ensure you have the right safe for your business.


Master Key System Installation

Maybe you need a system designed to allow access to certain areas and restrict it in others. When you need multiple access levels, a master key system can be used to ensure your business remains secure. Your commercial locksmith will be able to install this type of system to ensure you have the right level of security in the right areas of your business.

When you choose to hire a commercial locksmith, you'll gain many business security benefits. Commercial locksmiths bring a certain level of expertise and professionalism to the job. You'll gain access to better products, professional installation and a higher level of security.

Don't make the mistake of trying to handle your own business security. Let a trained commercial locksmith in Chicago handle all your business security needs instead.

Prevent Garage Break-Ins with the Correct Garage Door Locks

If you’ve ever worried about a garage break-in or have experienced one yourself, you know that this can be a challenging situation in the protection of your home. It’s an important aspect to keeping your home safe and often times people will leave the door unlocked from the garage to the home assuming that their garage is secure.

Unfortunately, standard garage door locks aren’t very secure and are easy to be bypassed by a criminal. Take a look at how you can prevent a garage break-in by updating to one of these correct garage door locks.

Garage door locks

There are a few different garage door lock types you can choose from with electronic options bringing new technology into garage door safety. You’ll find the most popular options that most homeowners are choosing now include electronically-operated locks, a garage door deadbolt, and a keyless digital lock.

Garage door deadbolts are great for those that prefer to leave technology out of the picture and just use a good old-fashioned deadbolt lock. You can get a single cylinder or a double cylinder; both options being great for deterring criminals from being able to break in. A single cylinder works by operating a knob from the inside while requiring a key from the outside. The double cylinder option would require a key from both sides of the door.

Garage Door Locks

Electronic locks

If you like the idea of using technology in your lock, choose an electronically-operated lock that require fingerprint activation. These are great because criminals can’t possible have a copy of that to break in and they would likely see your house as not worth the hassle.

You can program any fingerprints you want to be able to access the garage door. The only downside is that you’ll lose the convenience of hitting the button from your car and entering your garage in a jiff, but you’ll have an added safety measure that can’t be matched.

Keyless digital locks

Lastly, a keyless digital lock is a similar option to your electronic lock option, but with a higher tech operation. You’ll use a digital keypad in this scenario where you enter a code of your choosing to gain access. These are difficult to break into compared to a regular garage door lock and you’ll likely be able to get a warranty in the event that an intruder damaged it trying to break in.

Garage door home safety tips

The first tip to having better security for your home is to change your older garage door lock into one of these new options. Your traditional garage door lock is not very secure but your local professional locksmith can upgrade it for you in not time.

If you choose a lock that comes with a garage door remote, be sure to avoid putting it in your vehicle and having it on display since an intruder could break into your car and open up the garage that way. A keychain remote opener is a better alternative since it stays with your keys.

Despite the update security, you’ll want to secure the door into your house from the garage like you would your front door. Don’t leave the garage door open and cover up garage windows. Despite having a more secure home, an intruder may try anything to have the chance to steal something that they’ve eyed from outside.

You can prevent garage break-ins by choosing the correct garage door locks. Check out these popular options that a locksmith can update your home with right away.

Is Keyless Entry Really More Secure?

Many people are making the switch to keyless entry, especially when it comes to their cars. It’s a handy way to get into the car without requiring you to be at the car opening the lock with a key. When you don’t feel like digging for the keys, you can simply use a wireless fob system, or if you want to unlock it before you even get to the car, you can hit the unlock button.

If you leave the key in the car, you can open the door by using the code on the outside of the car. All of these are different forms of keyless entry and it makes people feel more secure when away from the vehicle. Is it really more secure? Take a look at the vulnerabilities that you could deal with when it comes to keyless entry.

How keyless entry works

Adding a keyless entry to your car or purchasing a car with keyless entry means that you can get into your car in a hands-free capacity. There are cars that allow you to unlock the car doors without pushing any buttons and just by being close to the vehicle with your wireless fob, while others allow you to get in with the push of an unlock bottom or by punching in a code next to the door handle.

You may still use your key to start the car, but getting inside becomes a breeze with keyless entry systems. This is also amazing for those that locked the keys inside or lost their keys while they are out because they can still get into the car and they can have someone bring them a spare key while waiting inside the car. If your keys are buried at the bottom of your purse, simply let yourself in the vehicle and look for ignition key while you are inside the car.

keyless entry.JPG

The vulnerabilities of having one

Now keyless entry has become so common and at the same time, criminals are getting smarter about breaking into these systems. While most people feel more secure with their keyless entry, criminals are starting to hack into these systems, stealing items from within the car without any trace of their presence. There are no longer broken windows or signs of forced entry; criminals can now purchase devices that allow them access to your vehicle and anything inside without a trace.

How to protect your car from hacking

How can you protect yourself from these hackers? First is to understand that criminals can now get secret devices to unlock cars and sometimes drive off with them. Do not keep valuables in the car because you are leaving your belongings vulnerable. In some cases, criminals are using laptops with a radio transmitter to figure out the car’s unique code by cycling through millions until they find the right one.

It’s suspected that criminals are using “power amplifiers” to get into keyless entry cars. When you try to unlock the car, your car will wirelessly call out for your key so that you can get inside, and when the key calls back the door will unlock. Since it only searches within a couple of feet of the car, the power amplifier is stretching the distance it can call and allowing the car to unlock if your keys are in a building nearby. One way to avoid this hack is to keep your keys in a freezer to avoid letting the signal get in or out.

In conclusion, it may actually be more secure to not have keyless entry. While the hacking is relatively new, there isn’t much data to determine the source of the hacking and all of the techniques being used to hack these systems. Until more research has been done to stop these criminals from entering keyless cars, you may be safer with your traditional keys. If you do happen to lose your keys or lock them in the car, you can always call a professional locksmith to help you in these situations.

Safes for You to Securely Store Valuables at Home

When it comes to storing your valuables, this is one area that you don’t want to take a shortcut. If a home burglary is going to happen, it’s crucial that you have a secure safe to store your valuables to avoid theft. Some of the most common items taken from homes are jewelry, money, firearms, baseball cards, and family heirlooms.

Not only is it important to protect these things that are worth good money or sentimental to you, but you should have a way to protect important personal documents like birth certificates and passports in the event of a fire or other disaster. Take a look at the best way to securely store your valuables at home from theft or a disaster.

Small safes for your home or office

To get started, you may simply want a small safe to use in your home or office.

You can get a lightweight and inexpensive safes like Amazon Basics Security Safe which features 0.5 cubic feet of steel-enclosed space and a carpeted floor only accessible digitally.

A Combination Fire Safe is great if you need fire and water protection for things like photos and USB drives, such as the SWF123DSB for something heavy duty in the home.

One of the best in fireproof safes for those wanting a small safe is the First Alert 2092DF that can float and handle fires. It has a programmable lock and steel locking bolts and weighs a hefty 100lbs.

For a Biometric safe to hold your valuables or firearms, get the BARSKA biometric safe for an inexpensive, small, and ideal storage solution.


The Varieties in size and features

When you aren’t concerned about size or price and simply want the best for your valuables, your home could use one of the safes mentioned below.

The Safstar Digital Electronic Security Safe Box is a great choice for something compact, affordable, and for the smart accessibility, it allows between the digital PIN and the backup key option. It won’t hold as much as the large SentrySafe SFW205CWB water-resistant combination safe which gives you 60% more storage than a traditional safe, so it’s important to determine what size you need from the start.

If you are concerned about a fireproof option, the SentrySafe can’t offer that, but you can get that feature with the First Alert 2092DF. If you like something compact, the Safstar is one of the best, but the Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe is another option which allows access electronically and with backup keys. On the larger end of things, the SentrySafe is a top choice, as well as the BARSK Large Biometric Safe that features a huge memory storage for fingerprints and a silent access mode.

Options for the ultimate hiding places

If your goal is to be as discrete a possible, you may like one of these types of safes in your home. Store your valuables in a hollowed-out book, wrapped up in your freezer, or in a VHS tape. There are places in your home that a thief is less likely to look, giving you protection through discretion, but it won’t save you from a fire or flood. For discrete hiding options, hide your valuables in a houseplant or under the plastic liner of your trash can. Try a hollowed-out book or false VHS tape in your living room where a criminal is not likely to spend the time digging.

A false container in your kitchen could be under the sink or disguised as a food box, while an item that isn’t temperature sensitive could be hidden in aluminum foil in the back of your freezer. Try a floor safe in your bedroom or inside a container marked as “Christmas ornaments” in your attic. Just avoid hiding things in your desk drawers, your jewelry box, a DVD case that is worth more than your VHS tapes, or in an area that could get damaged like your jars of food or your toilet’s water tank.

When it comes to protecting your valuables or those hard to replace items, these are some of the most efficient ways to protect them. Be sure to get your home and office equipped with what you need today. Call The Professional Locksmith for more information!