Chicago Latch Guard Installation

We often field questions about the different hardware we use when installing locks and doors. Our team enjoys answering questions and helping home and business owners understand the best choices for their security. At The Professional Locksmith, we provide fully trained technicians capable of installing all types of hardware in Chicago. We install latch guards (including full length latch guards), knob guards and lever guards. Our team will also repair any of these guards for you.

What are Latch Guards?

The latch of a door is a common part attacked by burglars when they try to break in. It attached the door with a spring loaded mechanism to keep it secure and locked. However, when a burglar attacks this part of the door, they can get the latch to release and the door will open.

With the right full length latch guard, you won't have to worry. When one of our technicians installs a latch guard, burglars cannot use any type of tool to get the door open through the latching mechanism. Instead, they are blocked from getting into the building. In addition, latch guards act as a deterrent.

The only requirement to have a latch guard installed is a door. Our professional team can install latch guards and full length latch guards on any type of door, no matter the shape or size.

latch guards:

  • Latch guards, and full-length latch guards, help to prevent security breaches by covering the gap that may exist between the door and door frame. This area can generally be one of your largest security vulnerabilities if a criminal is determined to manipulate the door open by using a rudimentary tool like a screw driver or even a credit card. Full length latch guards are relatively inexpensive features that can be bolted directly onto a door – and provide greater peace of mind to business owners.

Installing Other Guards

Along with full length latch guards, we also install knob and lever guards.

Knob Guard Installation:

  • Knob guards help to keep the knob of your door from being pried or wrenched off. These are used to prevent burglars or intruders from physically wrenching the door off of a property. These are placed over door levers and prevent easy access to burglars armed with tools to help access a door.

Lever Guard Installation:

  • In simplest terms, a latch guard is generally a sheet of metal which physically covers a door latch. These are a fine addition to your property if you have security concerns on your mind; they are generally used on exteriors for commercial properties to prevent doors being forcibly opened by intruders. Latch guards prevent them from gaining access to your property and they prevent objects from being inserted into door cracks – helping to ensure that latches can’t be intentionally popped out of door frames. Many commercial properties in the Chicago area use these to ensure higher levels of security, particularly after hours – ultimately saving considerable money over time.

These are just a few examples of the many enhanced features you might want to consider adding to your property to ensure greater security. While there are some upfront costs, they generally pale in comparison to the long-term benefits, security, and peace of mind that you can attain. We encourage you to work with our team and contact us to discuss the best options for installing and maintaining greater security measures to safeguard your home, business, or property.

At The Professional Locksmith, we do everything we can to ensure you gain better security with entry doors. Call us today and find out if a latch guard is the right option for you.