How to Integrate Smart Home Accessories with Your Security System

There’s nothing more important than a secure home. That’s why integrating a security system into your home is the first step in bringing a sense of security and deterring crime while living in this home. What’s better is that now you can incorporate smart technology into your security system which will take that security a step further.

Instead of just your basic security system setup, you’ll now have access to more features and all at your fingertips from your smart devices. With features like smart lighting, automation controls, access to your locks, and automated system checks throughout the day, your security system will now be working for you. Take a look at how to integrate smart home accessories with your security system.

What home automation systems can do

Home automation security systems are the future of home security systems and homeowners are already installing these left and right. With most people owning smart devices now and accessing apps for just about every process they do throughout the day, it just makes sense that one of those processes would be keeping an eye on your home’s security to watch out for breaches. Smart homes now have all of their systems automated and give you access through your smart devices so that you can be a part of the process from home or while away.

home automation and security system

While you’ll need a professional to install these systems, you’ll gain so many benefits to incorporating it into your home. for starters, you’ll find that home automation systems give you control from one place through the app on your phone or tablet, while before you had to rely on being physically present in front of the system where it was installed in the home.

Next, you’ll be able to be in two places at once because you’ll be able to do things like lock the front door while changing the thermostat and lighting all from the touch of a button. The way things used to work would require you to actually go to the door or the light switch to change these things.

You’ll also have video cameras, a wireless system, a 2-way voice panel, and automation that can be controlled through both the app and by voice. These systems come with customer service, warranties, and system checks throughout the day to ensure everything is working. You’ll have professional monitoring to ensure you can reach someone when needed and all you’ll need is a contract and monthly rate to ensure your house is protected in the most efficient way.

How smart homes increase security and simplify life

With smart accessories, security systems in homes are becoming more efficient and better overall. When you start integrating these accessories into your home’s security system, you’ll find that it’s easier to leave the house to go out of town or simply go to work each day knowing that your home is protected. 

Not only is your home more protected, but you have easier access to the regular functions of your home that you would need to interact with anyway. Entertaining guests now becomes hassle-free when you can change the lighting or turn on the music from your smartphone.

Change the thermostat while you’re at work and shortly before you get home to ensure comfort and savings to your utility bill. Turn the lights on while you’re on vacation to ensure that a possible criminal thinks that you are actually home. These affordable accessories won’t break the bank, while also helping your utility budget and giving you that priceless peace of mind while you’re away.

Recommended systems

You can start integrating smart home accessories right away into your security system. Simply call the professionals at The Professional Locksmith in Chicago and ask about getting your home equipped with smart technology today.

You can also purchase equipment to add to your current setup, such as a smart thermostat, smart lighting, smart locks, and smart speakers. These can be integrated into the home by connecting your switches and plugs to give you the remote control of the unit from your smart device.

If you want to deter criminals and simplify your home’s daily functions, integrate smart home accessories into your security system.

Essential Home Security System Features You Need

What are some of the essential home security system features you may need for your home? Home security systems have been around for years but today’s technology has allowed homeowners to put smart technology into the home, increasing the level of security and making the home more efficient altogether.

Instead of a few basic options that we used to have, homeowners now have thousands of possibilities that they can find on the market varying from small DIY home security systems to professionally-installed hardwired systems. Here’s a closer look at what features you could choose from and why you need them included in your home’s current security system setup.

Camera technology

For starters, hidden cameras used to just be found at businesses to keep surveillance on potential crime at a company, but now these little cameras are being found in neighborhoods at each house. Video technology is such a large part of today’s world that it just makes sense that homeowners would want an enhanced way to survey their home’s boundaries for potential threats.

home security camera system

While the first security cameras to be featured in these systems offered a simple grainy image in black and white, now you’ll have HD camera feeds that can be accessed from any of your smart devices in any location. These are a great way to record, watch, and be aware of what’s going on around your home while you’re away or from inside the home.

Wireless and hard-wired options

You’ll get to choose from both the wireless and hard-wired security systems when you get one installed in the home, but many current options are actually a mix of both. You’ll have those hardwired parts but you can communicate wirelessly.

It’s wise to choose one that has cellular capability because these systems will still work when the internet is down or the power goes out as long as you have a battery backup. Older systems worked with analog phone lines which are going to be obsolete in a matter of years.

Home automation

Automating the home is what everyone is doing right now because of the convenience of having a better sense of what is going on in and around the home from anywhere. This is one of the biggest innovations in technology right now as homeowners can now use a simple app on their phone or tablet to check on the home and interact with its systems.

You can now check your camera feed, arm your security system, turn the lights on and off, and open or shut your garage door from any location. These are not only great for securing the home, but they also allow you to function in the home from the touch of a button rather than being physically present.

Updating simple tech

Lastly, updates to basic technology are a great option to incorporate into your home. Your simple smoke detector can now be updated with a more modern sensor which allows you to get an actual alert of your home’s air analysis. Your window and door sensors can be integrated into your home security system to see if someone has tampered with either.

You can now update your technology with tamper-sensitive sensors to show you if someone has been altering your control panel and the temperature, or if there is a flood or fire alert to your home. You can now go a step farther when it comes to protecting your home from natural disasters or intruders.

You can even get a system in which the authorities are notified when a fire alarm system trips or have your HVAC system shut down and doors unlock if there is smoke in the home from a fire.

Whether you want to update your home with special sensors and cameras or you want to incorporate a brand new home security system with the hybrid wired and wireless technology that also features home automation, these are some of the essentials you need when it comes to today’s home security systems.

How to Replace a Lost File Cabinet Key

When you can't find the file cabinet key, it could cause a huge interruption to your workday. You need a file and you cannot get to it without the key. Most filing cabinets are designed with safety features to keep anybody from bypassing the lock. This means you need a key replacement to get into the filing cabinet.

It doesn't matter if you have a lateral or vertical file cabinet, replacing a lost file cabinet key isn't difficult. You will often just need the right help from the cabinet manufacturer, but this can take time. You may be waiting weeks to receive a new key and that may be too long.

a file cabinet with locks

When you cannot wait, you need to know how to replace a lost file cabinet key quickly. Start by writing down the brand name, model number, and style of your file cabinet, including the serial number and the model number found on the cabinet drawers. Once you have this information, calling a skilled Chicago locksmith should be your next move.

How a Locksmith will Help You

When you cannot get a key replacement from the manufacturer or you cannot wait as long as they need to send them, a skilled locksmith can create a new key for you. Even if the locksmith doesn't have the right key template to make a replacement, they may be able to make the current key fit (if it's not lost) or pick the lock so that you can get into the file cabinet.

What Not to Do

You may be tempted to break into the file cabinet yourself. This is a bad idea. You never want to pry open the file cabinet unless you're ready to replace it after you do so. Once you pry into the cabinet, you will void the warranty and it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to fix the damage. It's better to call a Chicago locksmith and let a professional get you into your file cabinet.

How to Prevent This in the Future

After you've accessed your file cabinet, you'll want to take measures to prevent this in the future. It's important to have additional copies of your file cabinet keys in a safe place just in case they are lost again, break or bend. Have a professional locksmith make you extra keys and either give them to another trusted person in your business or keep them in a safe you have access to.

Having an extra key or two for your file cabinet can take a large interruption to the workday and turn it into a small inconvenience. Instead of having to call a locksmith the next time, you'll just need to retrieve the extra key. Then, you can call the locksmith to have another copy made at your convenience.

Dealing with a lost or broken file cabinet key isn't an easy situation. It's annoying and can screw up the entire workday. Make sure you have a professional locksmith in Chicago ready to go in case this issue happens to you.

5 Types of Intercom Systems for Home or Office

If you’re considering installing an intercom system in your property, you are making the right steps in protecting your home or business. Intercom systems are the perfect way to secure the home from theft and to protect your family and your valuables.

You’ll now be able to talk to the person at your door before you even open it and in some cases, even see them too. With these 5 different types of intercom systems, you’ll have all kinds of options to protect your home in the way you need most. Take a look at the various intercom systems available.

Types of Intercoms

Wireless unit

A wireless unit is a newer take on the original hard-wired intercom system. The wireless intercom uses a different type of radio frequency and tends to be less expensive than other options. There is basically no installation required which means you can start using them right out of the box.

Just make sure the battery is up to date and be aware of the range of a wireless unit. While these are convenient to install, they can sometimes have interference issues and a lack of a wide range that you may need. In some cases, an unauthorized person could potentially tune-in to your frequency. With the ease of use and the low price point around $100-$200, it’s a great option to consider.

Hard-wired intercom

The most common intercom option is going to be the hard-wired unit that you can mount inside the home. These work by allowing you to communicate with someone at the front door just by pressing a button to speak and then your intercom speakers are connected by wire in the home.

You may pay a little bit more for this type of unit, but it’s much more reliable in avoiding external interferences and handling more wear and tear. The audio signal works well, making communication much clearer and you can worry less about if your property is protected. If you are in the middle of construction on a building, it would be very simple to set up a wired unit. Talk to a professional about getting this installed.

Video Intercom

Another option is to get a video intercom. This is for homes that want the option to see a visitor that is at the door before communicating with them. They are typically going to be wired systems since video is more difficult to send wirelessly than an audio-only system would be.

You can also go for smart home technology that will allow you to incorporate a camera into your intercom system. You’ll be able to connect your devices and appliances to the internet to give you functionality of your home’s processes from your device.

You could use a smartphone or tablet to lock the front door, turn off the lights, or change your thermostat. This means that you can also incorporate a webcam to your front door that can be accessed with your other smart home technology. You will have to have a good internet connection to do this successfully and it does have the potential for hacking vulnerability, but you have remote access.


A carrier-current is an intercom that would be integrated into the electrical system of your home. This is another frugal option for an intercom system where you could have a conversation with someone at your front door. It’s easy to install and maintain but you may find other options provide better audio quality.

Automatic-gate entry intercom unit

Do you have many visitors and hate to have to stop what you’re doing to let them in? Now you can use the automatic-gate entry intercom to let people into your residential front gate without being physically present. Just press the button to let them in the door. In many cases, you’ll have a small camera at the gate to be able to see who is at the front gate. You’ll be able to see, talk to, and open entry for a visitor from inside the home.

These five types of intercom systems are great additions to your home office.

3 Things to Consider When Installing New Doors at Your Home or Office

If you’re planning to install new doors at the house soon or even your office, there are a few things you’re going to want to consider before doing so. Sometimes asking the right questions now before doing the project makes a huge difference in the results of the project.

For example, have you considered how often a door will be used when choosing the materials of that door? Are you choosing a door based on aesthetics or practicality? What kind of door really makes sense for what you’re trying to do? Take a look at these 3 considerations that you should take before you install doors at the home or office.

What kind of door makes sense to use

The first question to ask if “what type of door really makes sense to use for this space?” there are a number of factors that you’ll consider in answering what type of door makes sense to use, including the style, the security, and even the energy efficiency level.

The style of the door should match the overall look of the home or office build which means you wouldn’t choose a bold statement of a door for a simple colonial home. Make sure to choose a style that suits the building but also expresses the right mood for what you prefer.

Next, consider if you’ve chosen a door that makes sense for the space. A strong front door with proper locking abilities is vital for your front door to your home or office building. It’s important to deter thieves with the door you choose. For an interior door, you want to make sure the door will function well for the room it leads to and that will be easy and efficient to use.

Speaking of efficient, look at the energy efficiency of your doors. You can affect your heating and cooling costs by choosing the right door. you’ll lose the majority of your hot and cold air through your windows and doors, so it’s important to select high-quality doors through the property.

The type of material you’ll be using

Now you should consider what type of material you are going to use. Once you’ve chosen the right door that makes sense, you’ll need to think about how the different materials will affect its ability to function well, its aesthetic, and its deterrence from both thieves and the elements.

A wooden door is a great, classic choice that will make a home or building look rich. They are expensive compared to other materials, but they look beautiful. They will require more maintenance though as the sunlight can warp the wood.

a new wooden door installed

Another option is to go with steel if you need something strong and durable. You can actually paint these to match the home’s decor and you’ll save money on your energy bills. Lastly, consider fiberglass if you want something low maintenance and more affordable than wood. You’ll love how energy efficient they are, as well as durable.

How often it will be used

Are the doors you are looking to install going to be the main entry to the home or will it be an interior door that requires more privacy? Consider if you need it to look attractive to the outside world or simply the most functioning.

Is it going to be a beautiful door but also heavy to open and close regularly? Do you need a door that has a window on it to help you see outside more easily? Think about the use of the door before making your purchase since it can be easy to get caught up in either the beauty or the affordability of one without considering the function it will have.

Use these 3 tips of things to consider before installing any new doors at the home or office. Contact The Professional Locksmith in Chicago and we’ll help with the installation!