Essential Locksmith Tools - What the Pros Use

Are you thinking about setting up your own locksmith’s kit for the next time you accidentally lock yourself out of the house or car? You’ve probably tried some of the classic techniques like opening a lock with a credit card or hairpin, but now you’re ready to get some actual locksmith supplies.

Having your own locksmith tools can help you the next time you’re in a jam or you don’t have access to a phone to call a professional locksmith. Take a look at what the professionals use so you can pick up a few of the essentials for your collection.

 Essential Locksmith Tools

A hook

A hook is a handy tool to have next time you need to pick your lock and don’t want to rely on a paperclip. It has many uses, allowing you to use it upside down or use it for a “bitch” pick. It offers a great deal of diversity for single pin picking and other uses.


Be sure to pick up a hand-held scope to help you when working in tight spaces or handling tiny parts. The scope helps you when you’re adjusting something tiny to make sure you’ve done it right. Keep one at home and in your car.

The Rake

Whether you go with a City rake or a Bogata rake, these are handy locksmith’s tools that are the most popular for a personal collection. The City rake or an L rake looks like a saw blade, giving the look of a city skyline. Since the blade works like a saw, it can be used in a rocking motion in the keyway to act like the bitting on the key.

Many beginners choose the Bogota rake because it’s used the standard way where you’d move the tool in and out of the keyhole quickly. Sometimes the keyhole can’t accommodate a rake, but it’s good to at least have a Bogota on hand.  

Key Extractor

If you end up with a broken piece in your key slot, a key extractor is going to help you get the jammed key out smoothly. You’ll need this to remove a foreign object stuck in your key slot. This can happen by accident or from an attempted theft, but locksmiths always keep this tool on hand.

Installation Templates

When it comes to installing a new lock system, an installation template is the way to go. They help you get the holes for the drilled done correctly instead of trying to guess where to drill. It will save you time and the potential of damage.

Tension Wrench

 A tension wrench is a biggie for locksmiths. While you can technically pick a lock without one, it makes it much easier and faster with a tension wrench. You won’t find yourself worrying about staying steady when doing work or having to start over again, just use the tension wrench to stop any unwanted movement. Much of a locksmith’s work requires a tool that will make things a bit easier to do. The tension wrench is the locksmith’s favorite tool.

Lock Pick Guns

A lock pick gun is another winner that you’ll want in your essentials kit. It goes much faster than manually picking the lock and it’s safe for the lock if you are trained in using it properly. You’ll find them today with features like externally powered electronics parts too.

For the Car

Be sure to stock the car with a few essentials that will help you when you need it with your vehicle. One of the worst things that can happen to a vehicle owner is to lock their keys inside the car, and if you aren’t able to reach a locksmith, it can be a lifesaver to have a few tools on hand to be able to help yourself. 

Locksmiths are going to use tools like Slim Jims, wedges, automotive lock picks, long reach tools, and auto jigglers to help with a variety of vehicles and issues. Be sure to have these on hand to help you get back into your vehicle in an emergency.

What tools does a locksmith use? These are some of the things the pro’s use that you may want to have in your essentials kit. What better way to feel more secure than to buy your own professional locksmith tools and to have on hand the same supplies the professionals use?

How a doorbell camera can complement your entry security

Have you ever considered getting one of those cool doorbell cameras for your home’s entrance? It may seem like only the rich have them because it’s not affordable or you don’t have anything too valuable to worry about protecting, but doorbell cameras are becoming something that every home could benefit from. Not only are they affordable to everyone, but they have more purposes than deterring theft. Take a look at how the addition of a doorbell camera to your home’s entryway can ramp up home security and have some other unexpected perks too.

Being more aware of deliveries

Don’t miss a delivery or wonder when your package arrived while you were away. A doorbell camera can take out the guesswork now that you can see when the delivery man showed up with those items you ordered online.

Many times deliveries show up just as we were leaving the house or while we were at work not to be found until you return home at dinner. Now, you’ll be able to see exactly when they showed up during the day or to check in while you’re away by watching the camera remotely. If you’ve ever had to argue with the delivery service about whether or not something arrived or that they left your package unattended, you’ll have the proof right on your doorbell camera system.

You can relax at work knowing that your package arrived and will be waiting for you when you return home or knowing that you have the option to speak with the delivery driver from an app on your smart device in case he or she isn’t sure where to leave it.

home security system including doorbell camera

Screening visitors to the home

Have you ever envied homes where the homeowners could see who was at the door before even getting up from the couch? You can do that too with your new doorbell camera. Screen visitors to the home to see if it’s a visit from grandma, a neighbor, or a stranger selling something.

You don’t have to pop up if it’s a stranger you weren’t expecting, while not having to miss out on a visit with friends or family. This is especially helpful if you’re working in the backyard or trying to relax with a nap!

Keeping thieves away

Of course, one of the most obvious perks of complementing the home with a doorbell camera is that you’ll have a built-in security system to keep an eye out for thieves or simply deter them from trying. If you see a stranger at the door that looks like they are selling something, it could be a home burglar trying to find a way in to scope out your stuff.

Now, you can avoid answering for unexpected guests and letting potential thieves see that you are watching them. Even if they try something, you’ll have them on film now and they won’t get away with it. You’ll be able to provide evidence of the burglary and proof of what was taken.

Keeping an eye on the kids

Do you ever leave the older kids home alone while you go on a date night? You don’t have to worry about the kids trying to sneak over a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even attempting to have a party. You’ll be able to keep an eye out on the camera footage remotely to see who is coming and going. You don’t have to worry about misbehaving or kids sneaking out anymore.

If you weren’t sure about getting a doorbell camera because you felt that you already had plenty of security measures for your home, you may want to think again. It can help you with all of these reasons and more, making life just a little bit simpler!

Is a Keyless Lock & Entry System Right for your Home

You may have considered making the switch to a keyless lock and entry system for the house after seeing how easily it works in your car or a vacation rental property. We even covered it just a couple of week ago because it is a hot topic - You don’t have to carry a key around and only your family knows the password to get in, making it really secure and simplified.

It’s trending these days because it gives the owner more control over the property and it’s convenient compared to carrying around spare keys, but some worry about how easy it is to transition. Take a closer look at keyless entry and what a remote keyless system is like so that you can understand more about it before getting it for your home.

Benefits of electronic door locks

If you are thinking about getting keyless locks, you may be wondering what benefits a remote keyless system would bring to your daily life. There are many benefits including better safety, how automatic it is, personal security, and even as prevention for forgetfulness.

No more trying to remember to grab the keys or to wondering where you last saw them since the remote access allows you to enter without access to your keys or a spare key.

If there comes a time when you are in a situation where you need to get in or leave the house quickly, you’re not longer fumbling through your bag, purse, or pockets trying to locate a key. This could be extremely beneficial in the case of an emergency or a safety situation in which someone is following you. When the kids need to go to school quickly or you are trying to get in the door with a handful of groceries, avoiding the fumble for keys can be extremely beneficial.

Another benefit of this system is that you can do extra things with it, such as having your porch lights come on while trying to unlock the door, have access to your window and door locks from a computer, and hiding the system by disguising them to resemble traditional doorknobs. You’ll also be able to get as many remotes as you want.

residential keyless entry.jpg

Keeping your keyless entry home secured

One of the tips you’ll need to remember with this system is that you’ll need to keep it secured. After your keyless entry installation, divvy up the codes for different people that you want to have access. for an office, each employee could have their own passcode, while for the home, you may want to give access to children that live outside of the home or for any hired help like a maid or nanny. These come in handy in the situation where someone no longer is welcomed in the home and the code can just be deleted for that person.

Be sure not to record your code that could potentially be found, such as in your computer that gets hacked or a notecard in your purse that could get lost. If you are going to write anything down, just write down a clue to yourself to remember it later. It may be difficult to make the code long enough, but it’s smart to max out the digits to make it harder for a thief to hack.

Finally, be sure to avoid making it something too personal that someone could guess it and always be changing it at least a couple of times a year. Don’t make it something obvious like your home address, zip code, or birth date, while updating it with something that you can remember when you change it every few months.

Keyless entry is a highly desirable system right now for homes and even offices that want more security and a simplified system. Talk to the professionals at ProLock to get your home setup with this modern technology that will make it easier for your family to get in and out of the house every day.

How To Improve Your Front Door Security

Are you worried about someone breaking into your home? Do you have an older lock on your front door or does your front door lock need to be repaired? Hiring a residential locksmith to ensure you have the best front door security can go a long way to giving you the peace of mind you desire. Here are a few of the best ways you can improve front door security.

Choose the Right Lock/Door Knob

Most door hardware is installed into a hole that is created within the door. This hole weakens the door and becomes a target of those looking to break in. You can combat this issue by using a metal door-and-lock reinforcer. This type of product is made of brass, stainless steel, iron or another strong metal.

In addition, you need a good lock cylinder and a good door knob or handle. You don't want something cheaply made and easy to destroy. Burglars will often try to pick the lock, drill it, bump it or use another trick to get past your lock cylinder. Choosing the right lock and lock hardware goes a long way to improving the security of your front door.

residential reinforced door locks.jpg

Install Inward Facing Door Hinges

Another area of your front door vulnerable to break-ins are the hinges. There are two types of hinges used on doors: inward facing and outward facing. By installing inward facing door hinges, you will make the hinges inaccessible to a criminal trying to break in.

In addition, you can add a few other components to the hinges of your front door to ensure it's secure. Enhanced security studs, 3-inch set screws and corrugated pins make it much more difficult to break in by compromising the hinges.

Add a Strike Plate

Using a strike plate on the front door gives you a more reinforced area making it more secure. However, if this plate isn't installed correctly, it can make your front door less secure. With a properly-installed strike plate, it's much more difficult for an intruder to break down your front door. Make sure to have your strike plate professionally installed with longer screws.

Use a Solid Wood or Metal Door

Sometimes, homes are created with hollow core front doors. These doors are not nearly as secure as a solid wood or metal door. A solid door will be a bit more expensive, but it's incredibly secure compared to a hollow core door.

Add a Camera and Motion Sensor Lighting

The final step to improving your front door security is to add a camera and a motion sensor light. The light will scare off many burglars before they get close enough to even try to break in. The presence of a camera also helps to ensure burglars won't break in because they will be caught red-handed.

If you want to secure your front door and gain the peace of mind you deserve, use the above tips. Make sure to hire a professional locksmith to install everything you need to gain better front door security.

How a Commercial Locksmith can Secure Your Business

Protecting your business is very important. It's your livelihood and the livelihood of all your employees. In addition, you've probably put your heart and soul into building your business.

Making sure you have the right security for your business matters. With a commercial locksmith, you can better protect your business and set yourself up for success. Here are some of the ways a commercial locksmith will help give you the peace of mind in knowing your business is secured.

Locks and Hardware

It starts with the entry points to your building. If you have the ability to change or replace the locks and other hardware, a commercial locksmith can help with this task. The right locks will help to keep your business secure and other hardware will also ensure breaking in is much more difficult.

In addition, a commercial locksmith can set you up with punch-code locks to ensure you always know who is in the building. There are several advanced locks to consider and your locksmith can help you choose the right locks for your needs.

Lock Repairs, Rekeying & Installation

If you have locks you need to have repaired or rekeyed, a commercial locksmith will help. With the right locksmith on the job, you won't have anything to worry about. A good commercial locksmith will repair, rekey and install any locks you need including exterior doors, interior doors, windows and more.

Commercial-Grade Products

A true commercial locksmith will offer commercial-grade products including hardware, locks and other necessary products. You will have the best security possible because the locks and hardware are designed for commercial doors.


Security Cameras

Along with handling your locks, a commercial locksmith may also be able to install security cameras to boost your business security. Cameras not only help to deter crime, but they also keep employees honest and give you a picture of what's really going on. Even just cameras as entry points can make a big difference.


Safe Installation

Your business likely needs a safe. Your commercial locksmith will help to ensure you choose the right safe, along with installing it for you. Whether you need a safe for sensitive documents, cash deposits or any other reason, your locksmith will help to ensure you have the right safe for your business.


Master Key System Installation

Maybe you need a system designed to allow access to certain areas and restrict it in others. When you need multiple access levels, a master key system can be used to ensure your business remains secure. Your commercial locksmith will be able to install this type of system to ensure you have the right level of security in the right areas of your business.

When you choose to hire a commercial locksmith, you'll gain many business security benefits. Commercial locksmiths bring a certain level of expertise and professionalism to the job. You'll gain access to better products, professional installation and a higher level of security.

Don't make the mistake of trying to handle your own business security. Let a trained commercial locksmith in Chicago handle all your business security needs instead.