How a Security System Can Help You Save on Home Insurance Costs

Having a home security system installed offers a greater level of protection for your family and your home. Did you know it also helps you save on your home insurance rates every year?

home security system monitoring

Since a home burglary happens about every 18 seconds in the United States, according to Zacks, and the average property loss is $2,251 per incident, insurance companies offer discounts when you install a home security system to prevent this from happening.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount you will save on your home insurance depends on the type of alarm you have installed. The savings can be as much as 20%, which can really add up over time. The best way to ensure you get the highest discount is to make sure you have a home security system with central monitoring.

Multiple Savings With Multiple Protections

A home security system is just one piece of the puzzle. Just by adding this level of protection to your home, your homeowner’s insurance company will likely extend a discount. If you have the security system hooked up to central monitoring, that discount will likely go up.

In addition, when you add fire protection through monitored smoke alarms, you'll likely gain an even larger discount. This type of home security system will now protect you from fire, which could destroy your home rather quickly. Add in a sprinkler system and you'll get an even larger discount on your home insurance.

Another level of protection you can add, which may help to boost your discount is protection from carbon monoxide. With a CO detector installed and monitored as a part of your home security system, you'll have even more protection, which means your insurance company will likely extend a larger discount.

Finally, you can add in additional protections from busted pipes and other types of flooding for an even larger discount. All of these home protections can be monitored to ensure your home is as safe as possible, which keeps the insurance company very happy.

Less Risk of Cost Hikes Later

When you add a home security system you'll lower the risk of your insurance going up over time, as well. This can be a benefit that keeps paying you back every year as you could keep your insurance rates from going up.

Lower Theft Claim Quota

Another way a security system can help to lower your insurance rates is by lowering the theft claim quota. If you and your neighbors get home security systems, the total theft quota for your area may drop, which helps to save everybody money on their home insurance in the area.

There are many great reasons to have a home security system installed with full fire, carbon monoxide, and other protections. Getting a lower rate for home insurance is just one of the many reasons. However, it can help to pay for the system costs over time as your rates will become lower and you'll be less likely to see your homeowner's insurance rates go up as much over time.

How to Find the Right Positioning for Your Security Cameras

If you’ve ever purchased your first home security system and started feeling more secure before realizing that you couldn’t actually see much of the area around your entryways, you are not alone.   The final step in the process is to make sure you’ve got the right position for those security cameras you just spent a great deal of money on, but many people don’t remember to consider the positioning during setup or simply don’t know the best strategy to position these cameras.

The worst thing that could happen is that you’ve equipped your home with protection and extra security just to find out after something happens that you couldn’t see it properly. How do you know if you’ve put the camera in the right position before you actually need something filmed? Take a look below at this very important part of having a property security camera.

Don’t install the system yourself

The best way to avoid poor positioning of your security cameras is to simply not attempt to install the system yourself. Getting a professional to install your cameras that know how to set it up properly, what you’ll need for your property, and finally how to do make sure everything is lined up for the best view is the best way to go about this.

Some things in life can be done yourself without too much trouble, but this is not one of them. A professional installing your security cameras know what to look for to make sure you are in the best position for catching a thief, watching for a package to be delivered or to see what guests have arrived at your door.

Professional Locksmith employee installing a security system

What could happen with improper positioning?

The problem with improper positioning is that even if you think you’ve covered your line of sight well enough, a criminal could easily bypass your line of sight when they notice your house isn’t properly outfitted.

Since they know so much about how these systems work, they will take the opportunity to attempt a robbery if they can tell that the house doesn’t have an adequate setup. If they can tell a professional has installed the system, they will likely look elsewhere for an easier opportunity.

Another problem that often comes up with someone tries to DIY their home security is that they don’t know how to place a camera based on its specific focus range and the type of camera it is. It should be aimed at a specific area and some cameras should be close, while others can be farther away. When you aren’t an expert in home security, you risk getting the burglar on camera but not being able to see them well enough to have evidence for the police.

Areas of the home that should have cameras

When you attempt to set up home security yourself, you may do everything right but neglect a part of the house. That’s why a professional should do the installation and look for vulnerabilities with the home that you may have missed. You’ll want security cameras at the front and back doors, side doors, and garage, as well as by windows, but a professional notice other opportunities, such as your basement window or upstairs balcony.

Don’t take the chance of installing your own cameras and missing the view of one of these other vulnerable locations or having an unfocused picture if something does happen. You’ll also want to make sure your cameras are following security camera placement laws which a professional may be more informed about than you are.

If home security is a priority for you, don’t take the chance of having your home at risk because you wanted to save some money doing it yourself. Do it right from the start by hiring a professional to install it that knows proper placement, vulnerabilities in your home, and the laws of camera placement.

How a doorbell camera can complement your entry security

Have you ever considered getting one of those cool doorbell cameras for your home’s entrance? It may seem like only the rich have them because it’s not affordable or you don’t have anything too valuable to worry about protecting, but doorbell cameras are becoming something that every home could benefit from. Not only are they affordable to everyone, but they have more purposes than deterring theft. Take a look at how the addition of a doorbell camera to your home’s entryway can ramp up home security and have some other unexpected perks too.

Being more aware of deliveries

Don’t miss a delivery or wonder when your package arrived while you were away. A doorbell camera can take out the guesswork now that you can see when the delivery man showed up with those items you ordered online.

Many times deliveries show up just as we were leaving the house or while we were at work not to be found until you return home at dinner. Now, you’ll be able to see exactly when they showed up during the day or to check in while you’re away by watching the camera remotely. If you’ve ever had to argue with the delivery service about whether or not something arrived or that they left your package unattended, you’ll have the proof right on your doorbell camera system.

You can relax at work knowing that your package arrived and will be waiting for you when you return home or knowing that you have the option to speak with the delivery driver from an app on your smart device in case he or she isn’t sure where to leave it.

home security system including doorbell camera

Screening visitors to the home

Have you ever envied homes where the homeowners could see who was at the door before even getting up from the couch? You can do that too with your new doorbell camera. Screen visitors to the home to see if it’s a visit from grandma, a neighbor, or a stranger selling something.

You don’t have to pop up if it’s a stranger you weren’t expecting, while not having to miss out on a visit with friends or family. This is especially helpful if you’re working in the backyard or trying to relax with a nap!

Keeping thieves away

Of course, one of the most obvious perks of complementing the home with a doorbell camera is that you’ll have a built-in security system to keep an eye out for thieves or simply deter them from trying. If you see a stranger at the door that looks like they are selling something, it could be a home burglar trying to find a way in to scope out your stuff.

Now, you can avoid answering for unexpected guests and letting potential thieves see that you are watching them. Even if they try something, you’ll have them on film now and they won’t get away with it. You’ll be able to provide evidence of the burglary and proof of what was taken.

Keeping an eye on the kids

Do you ever leave the older kids home alone while you go on a date night? You don’t have to worry about the kids trying to sneak over a boyfriend or girlfriend, or even attempting to have a party. You’ll be able to keep an eye out on the camera footage remotely to see who is coming and going. You don’t have to worry about misbehaving or kids sneaking out anymore.

If you weren’t sure about getting a doorbell camera because you felt that you already had plenty of security measures for your home, you may want to think again. It can help you with all of these reasons and more, making life just a little bit simpler!

Do I Need a Security Camera? Some things to Consider...

Are you considering adding a security camera to your home or office to make it more secure? These are becoming increasingly popular for their effectiveness and advancements in technology. It’s a great way to watch out for criminals, watch for internal theft in your office, keep an eye out for quality assurance, and just feel a peace of mind. Take a look at why you need a security camera, what it can be used for, and what you should know before making the purchase.

Criminal watch

One of the biggest reasons that people get security cameras is to watch for criminal activity. Whether it’s protecting your home at night or while you’re away, or having your office on watch during the night, crime detection can happen to anyone and by having proof on camera it will only help you recover your items or catch the thief. Most of the time when a criminal sees a camera, they will be more likely to leave to avoid getting caught doing something illegal.

At the office

There are a couple of great reasons to get cameras at work. If you want to make sure you’re getting the quality you expect from your suppliers, have cameras put up for quality assurance. Whether you’re a food manufacturer, a company that has to prepare shipments to your customers, or you want to make sure your sales staff is taking care of your customers properly, putting up cameras will remind your staff that they are being watched and need to perform to their best ability.

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If you’ve ever worried about theft happening within the building, it’s a great way to catch any of this in the moment. Internal theft can be a large problem for companies that don’t realize it’s happening since it can go on for a long time and start to add up.

Whether your staff is taking home office supplies or something more serious, like internal records and sensitive customer data, this can become a financial problem or a legal problem. Having cameras up will deter your staff from getting any ideas, while at the same time giving you a chance to see if there are other issues in the office that are slowing down productivity.

Don’t forget claims made in the office that could cost you. Be extra cautious in case someone files a harassment claim, somebody slips and falls in the parking lot, or a customer says they didn’t get the service they expect, you’ll have it all on camera. These types of things can cost you a lot of money, but if you have proof something didn’t happen as it was claimed, it will likely get dropped.

Things to look for in a camera

While it’s nice to have the visual recorded for covering your company or your home’s security, you’ll want to be sure to avoid recording audio. There is an Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 that restricts audio recording.

Keep in mind that just like any other technology, security cameras can be hacked but you can stay secure by updating your password that accesses the cameras on a regular basis. Be sure to choose one that is higher-end and can see up to 100 feet in HD, because the lower-end versions will only reach 30-40 ft. at best with low quality. You’ll also want to look for features that apply to you, such as night vision, video playback, video recording, and have notifications sent to you when motion is detected.

Then decide where you want to place your cameras and if you want them visible or not, since a hidden camera will catch things that normally would happen while those doing the action wouldn’t know they are being watched. Keep in mind that a wired camera tends to perform better and wireless cameras will kill your wireless Internet.

These are some of the things to consider if you are looking to get a security camera for your home or office. They can really give you the peace of mind you need as long as you choose the right setup and understand the best ways to utilize them. Use these tips to get the most of out of your security camera needs.

How to decide if you need a camera security system

A camera security system is becoming more and more common for homeowners, but is it a good idea? You may be considering adding this to your home to improve your home security, but do you know the impact it will have? Not only do you have to consider what your goal is behind the cameras, but you’ll have to understand laws like filming restrictions. Take a look at this guide to make sure you are prepared before you have a camera security system installed in order to feel confident going into the process.

The need for a surveillance system

First, you should make sure that you have a clear reason for getting a camera security system installed. If you’re trying to protect your home from vandalism or you want to keep an eye on your home when you’re away, it can be a great form of assistance for you and your family. Perhaps you want to keep an eye on the property in the middle of the night or while you’re away on vacation. There are many reasons to have a security system aside from the help of your neighbor’s watchful eyes.

If you have a business to protect, a camera security system can be extremely helpful. You can keep one watching your inventory, watching your cash registers, or keeping an eye out for shoplifters. There are many reasons to have a security system, but it’s important that you know the implications of one discussed below.


Things to be aware of if you have one

If you’re considering getting a system, you’ll want to make sure you can accept some of the implications of having one. For example, did you know that your cameras can’t film other people’s homes, restrooms, dressing rooms, or locker rooms?

This means that you cannot film in your office restroom or pointed in your neighbor’s house, but you are allowed to film anything that is considered a public place, such as the exterior of the neighbor’s home. You are also not allowed to gather audio from a remote recording or eavesdropping. Be careful to follow the laws of filming if you are going to get a home security system.

You’ll want to understand that you can’t only rely on your security cameras since they are all going to vary in what they can offer you. It is possible to have your cameras hacked into, but you can add security measures and change your password in the event of this situation.

You’ll also need to make sure you are spending enough to get a camera that can film clearly because a poor quality will do you no good when it’s time to show a tape to the police. Be sure to look for a high-end camera system with features like motion detection and text notifications. Work with a professional to make sure you position your cameras properly and be sure to ask about features such as weather resistance, internet options, and tech support.

If you are considering getting a camera security system, be sure that you have thought through the reasoning behind it, the laws of having one and using the footage, and the questions to ask before you buy one. Talk to a professional before adding this enhanced security feature to your home or business.