The pros & cons of wired & wireless security systems

You may be struggling to decide between a wired security system vs. a wireless security system for your home. These are completely different types of systems that will affect your interaction with your security system on a regular basis.

On one hand, you’ll enjoy many excellent features with a wired system while your wireless system has the benefit of being accessed remotely rather than just in one room. There are many considerations when choosing a system but this guide will help you see the main pros and cons of each system so that you can better make a decision.  

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Pros of a wired system

It’s less likely to be hacked

One consideration of a wired security system is that you won’t have to worry as much about it being hacked. Since someone would have to physically connect to a wired system in order to access it, this is something that you won’t really need to worry about. In today’s age of information hacking, it’s a feature that many homeowners may truly appreciate.

Works great for a large space

You’ll also find that a wired system works well in a large space. You can actually span one between multiple buildings on a property. It’s going to be able to handle more sensors than a wireless system could.

Has great features

Finally, you’ll enjoy many features that outperform others when you choose a wired security system. You’ll have control panels in multiple rooms, high-def video surveillance, and much more.

Cons of a wired system

Expensive to install

One of the drawbacks of this system is that you are going to find it’s expensive to install. You will need professional installation due to the complicated installation process. This type of system will require connecting of sensors, drilling holes, and wires inside your walls.

Permanent in the home

Because of the way these are installed, it’s going to be pretty permanent in the home. You can uninstall a wired security system but it’s not recommended since you likely won’t be able to find someone to install old equipment in a new location.

Controlled in only one location

Lastly, you‘ll find that being able to only control it from one room can be a pain. The control panel can only be operated from one location in the home rather than remotely with a wireless unit. You’ll have to arm or disarm from the same spot each time.

Pros of a wireless system

Quick to install

One of the best reasons to get a wireless system is the quick installation process. You won’t have to worry about drilling or complicated wires.  A professional can get this up and running in no time.

Easy to remove or modify

If you plan to move at some point, you’ll love that these systems can be moved to a new space. You’ll also find that it’s incredibly easy to upgrade or modify your system if you need more sensors or more flexibility with your system.

Remote access

You can’t beat the perk of remote access on your wireless unit. You’ll get a remote key fob to arm or disarm your system. Additionally, you can communicate with it using your mobile device making it accessible from anywhere that you and your device are located. You won’t have to worry about the one location control panel.

Cons of a wireless system

Risk of hacking

On the flip side, wireless systems are the most likely to be hacked by a burglar. They can do this by jamming the signals to avoid your alarm going off or hacking your password. Choosing one that enables encryption on your route and creating a strong password can help you overcome these vulnerabilities.

Limited length of range

Another issue with wireless systems is that you’ll be limited in distance for how far your sensors will work. They work best if you have a small or medium-sized home making them less useful for a large space.

Could have interference

Lastly, your wireless system could be vulnerable to interference and your sensor’s radio frequency communication could fail. You could find at times that your Wi-Fi disconnects itself or your cell phone can find a signal. Different things can affect the frequency from a wall to a power line.

Consider all of the pros and cons before choosing your security system!