3 Common Repair Issues Found in Intercom Systems

Having a good intercom system is vital to some types of properties. For others, it's a nice convenience and can make life easier. However, intercom systems can often need repairs due to specific issues. There are some issues that are more common than others. Let's look at three of the most common repair issues found in intercom systems.


It's not uncommon for an intercom system to end up with static from the microphone or the speaker. Static can be caused by many different parts of the audio equipment. Regular wear can cause static due to a bad connection. This could also cause the intercom to simply not create any sound. Usually, static is noticed before the intercom completely stops creating sound.

Any type of damage to your intercom system can cause static within the system. It could be caused due to a loose wire or a bad switch. Another common cause of static is interference. Even on a closed system, an intercom can experience static from interference.

The power connection can also be a source of static. Any problem with the power connection may cause static throughout the system. This could be a sight of a larger issue, too. Sometimes, a power overload or a shorting may cause static and if it's not repaired, it can cause major damage to the system. If you've noticed static within your intercom system, it's time to hire an intercom repair professional.

A Humming Noise

Another common issue with an intercom system is a humming noise heard when trying to use the system. This could be a sign of something worse and needs to be addressed immediately. It could be due to a faulty wire or connection and repair is necessary to keep the issue from getting worse.

While a humming sound may be annoying, some will just live with it and think very little of it. However, it could be a sign of something worse. When left unaddressed the issue may get worse and you may end up with an intercom system that doesn't work anymore.

Power Supply Failures

As stated above, static within your intercom system may be a sign of a larger problem. One of those larger issues is a power supply failure. When the power supply starts to go, it could cause other issues, such as static or even humming within the system.

Of course, if the power supply stops working, the intercom system will also stop working. Most intercom systems will show signs of the power supply going before it actually goes, however. Hearing more background noise may be another sign the power supply is starting to go.

The best way to address any intercom issue is to contact a professional intercom repair company. You want to choose a company with plenty of experience with your type of intercom system. Every system is a bit different and a huge part of fixing the issue is the proper diagnosis. The right repair company will be able to diagnose the problem and get it fixed quickly.

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