What to do With Your Old Intercom System

Does your home have one of those old-school intercom systems still set up throughout the home? While you may love their vintage feel and still even try to use it at times, it’s likely causing an eyesore and isn’t really serving a purpose in your home. Older homes sometimes come with quirks like these old intercom systems that probably don’t function well enough to really consider utilizing today.

an old intercom system

That’s why you are likely looking for a way to remove these old wired systems and integrate a modern wireless system throughout the house. The good news is that a professional can come out and remove these systems for you. Take a look at what you can do about the old intercom system in your home.

Have it removed

If you don’t want the intercom system in the house whatsoever, call a professional it have it removed from the home. They are usually hardwired into the home but sometimes they are actually just battery operated or plugged into the AC outlet of the wall.

It doesn’t take much to remove the wall outlet or battery operated versions, but the hardwired ones can be complicated. Have a professional properly remove these units and then you’ll need to close the hole with drywall or putty.

You can simply conceal it

Others are looking for a simple solution to this eyesore and just want to conceal the unit. Sometimes removal is more than they were looking for so concealing it with furniture, wall hangings, or plants can be an easy solution.

Many people simply put their bookcase or wall pictures in that spot but you could easily camouflage with décor in the home. Perhaps the color of the unit is the only real issue in which you could paint it to reflect more modern style and maybe even use the unit.

Repair it for use

As mentioned, sometimes these units don’t work and that is why a homeowner wants it out of the house. You can actually look into simply having the intercom repaired so that your family can actually enjoy this fun feature in the home. if it’s not out of the budget to repair it, the right vendor may have the replacement part you need to actually enjoy the radio in the wall and the ability to talk to your family from another room.

Upgrade it with modern technology

Another fun option is to upgrade it using modern technology. Your home is already wired for the system, so now you can simply upgrade the operation of it with a more sophisticated intercom system. You could incorporate a video option, radio, and more.

Replace it

If you like the idea of the unit but you don’t want to pay for a replacement part, you could always replace it with another model. Look online for vintage replacements or use this as a chance to upgrade to a newer radio system. This is a great opportunity for some creativity with an older unit that is already a part of the home.

Whether you want to hide it, replace it, upgrade it, or repair it, you can have a lot of fun with your old intercom system. Use these tips to decide what to do with your home’s intercom system from years ago. Contact The Professional Locksmith for more information on what intercom system is best for you!