How to Find the Right Positioning for Your Security Cameras

If you’ve ever purchased your first home security system and started feeling more secure before realizing that you couldn’t actually see much of the area around your entryways, you are not alone.   The final step in the process is to make sure you’ve got the right position for those security cameras you just spent a great deal of money on, but many people don’t remember to consider the positioning during setup or simply don’t know the best strategy to position these cameras.

The worst thing that could happen is that you’ve equipped your home with protection and extra security just to find out after something happens that you couldn’t see it properly. How do you know if you’ve put the camera in the right position before you actually need something filmed? Take a look below at this very important part of having a property security camera.

Don’t install the system yourself

The best way to avoid poor positioning of your security cameras is to simply not attempt to install the system yourself. Getting a professional to install your cameras that know how to set it up properly, what you’ll need for your property, and finally how to do make sure everything is lined up for the best view is the best way to go about this.

Some things in life can be done yourself without too much trouble, but this is not one of them. A professional installing your security cameras know what to look for to make sure you are in the best position for catching a thief, watching for a package to be delivered or to see what guests have arrived at your door.

Professional Locksmith employee installing a security system

What could happen with improper positioning?

The problem with improper positioning is that even if you think you’ve covered your line of sight well enough, a criminal could easily bypass your line of sight when they notice your house isn’t properly outfitted.

Since they know so much about how these systems work, they will take the opportunity to attempt a robbery if they can tell that the house doesn’t have an adequate setup. If they can tell a professional has installed the system, they will likely look elsewhere for an easier opportunity.

Another problem that often comes up with someone tries to DIY their home security is that they don’t know how to place a camera based on its specific focus range and the type of camera it is. It should be aimed at a specific area and some cameras should be close, while others can be farther away. When you aren’t an expert in home security, you risk getting the burglar on camera but not being able to see them well enough to have evidence for the police.

Areas of the home that should have cameras

When you attempt to set up home security yourself, you may do everything right but neglect a part of the house. That’s why a professional should do the installation and look for vulnerabilities with the home that you may have missed. You’ll want security cameras at the front and back doors, side doors, and garage, as well as by windows, but a professional notice other opportunities, such as your basement window or upstairs balcony.

Don’t take the chance of installing your own cameras and missing the view of one of these other vulnerable locations or having an unfocused picture if something does happen. You’ll also want to make sure your cameras are following security camera placement laws which a professional may be more informed about than you are.

If home security is a priority for you, don’t take the chance of having your home at risk because you wanted to save some money doing it yourself. Do it right from the start by hiring a professional to install it that knows proper placement, vulnerabilities in your home, and the laws of camera placement.