What are different types of locksmiths?

There are a range of different locksmiths and locksmith services offered by many professional locksmith teams. The team at The Professional Locksmith in Chicago generally offers 4 types of overarching services: 24/7 emergency services, residential, commercial, and automotive.

It is surely a positive development for most of our convenience that many high-quality locks are sold today that have driven the demand for professional locksmiths down from historic heights. This trend only makes the contributions of skilled locksmiths that much more valuable when their services are needed in any of these areas.  

Within each of these areas are a number of distinct services which locksmiths train to gain mastery over, including installing new locks, making repairs to existing locks, cutting new keys (for new properties and homes), helping residents regain access to homes or cars they have been locked out of, and more.  If you have a particular need for your situation, you may prefer to find a locksmith who specializes in automotive, residential, or commercial issues.