What is the average locksmith price?

The average locksmith price can vary quite a bit based on the needs of your project. The budget for your project and servicing can vary quite a bit depending on your situation – whether you have been locked out or need to install additional locks on your home doors to ensure added security.

It helps to factor in the reality that you will likely be buying a minimum of an hour of a locksmith’s time when you summon them for a job, which means that you will likely be looking at a minimum of $40-$60 depending on the potential hourly rate.

Searching online can prove to be an overwhelming process if you are looking at variations in costs for your specific job. The most efficient way to go about getting an accurate estimate for your specific job is to call up a reputable locksmith like the Chicago-based team at The Professional Locksmith (http://www.theprolock.com/); they can walk you through the costs associated with your need and get you on the fast track to resolving your lock or key issues.  

Remember that no two locksmith jobs will ever be quite the same given how many factors affect the total cost of hiring a locksmith; so keep in mind the major issues at play – the service you require, your location, and the timeline for when you need service. All of these factors will impact the final price range for your locksmith servicing – from between $150-$200 to have all of your home doors re-keyed to around $100-$150 for lockout services. Just make sure to always get a write-up of your estimated services so that you can get any price projections formally documented.