Chicago Intercom Installation

The intercom is one of the most revolutionary forms of communication. It allows you to communicate with those inside your home from one room to another or even with those outside your home. Find out who's knocking at your door before you answer it with the right intercom system for your specific needs.

At The Professional Locksmith, we offer intercom installation of all major brands, including those that integrate with your smart home & phones. Whether you want to have an intercom system installed in your home or in the apartment building you own, we’re here to help. Our team of experts knows exactly how to install your intercom and we provide fast and reliable service all throughout Chicago.

Choosing the Right Intercom System

There are several reasons to have an intercom installed. Door phone intercoms are probably the type you're most familiar with. These are found outside of apartments and office buildings and allow the tenants to provide authorization for visitors to come into the door. Without getting buzzed in, nobody can get into the door, which adds a safety feature many tenants enjoy.

You can also choose a video intercom system allowing for both indoor and outdoor communications. This type of system allows you to actually see the visitor before you buzz them in or unlock the door. If you own a home or business without an intercom system, having a video intercom system installed is probably the best choice.

Another type of intercom to consider is known as the telephone intercom. It's a bit more of a direct connection. Simply press a button and you can talk through the other line of the intercom. This is great for private conversations and these intercoms work well inside houses or businesses.

Additionally, a growing trend in intercoms are those compatible with smart home features that also allow you to access your system via your smartphone device. These smart intercom systems oftentimes connect via Wifi and allow you to use your iPhone or Android device to monitor and speak from the other side. These intercom installations provide the same security benefit plus added features of newer technology for a hands free experience.

A top seller of ours includes the Comelit HFX-7000MW, which is a smart intercom system that connects to Wifi and will buzz both your home and smartphone app with video. Our installation kit includes the 2-wire Quadra external unit, along with options for mini Wifi multifamily monitor or color hands-free mini monitor for a single family. The system is expandable up to four door stations and four interior monitors. The system brings innovative technology and modern elegance to your home.

Install Your Intercom Today

No matter the type of intercom system you choose, getting it installed may seem like a hassle. When you hire The Professional Locksmith, you won't have anything to worry about. As experts in the field of intercom installation, we will get the job done right the first time. Our team of professionals gives you the perfect choice for your intercom installation in Chicago. We provide the experience and training to ensure you get exactly what you need.

When you're ready to get an intercom system installed, call The Professional Locksmith today at (312)796-0901 for a free quote. Our experts will come to you and make sure your new intercom system works perfectly before we leave.