How to Choose the Right Intercom System for Your Security Needs

Whether choosing an intercom system for your commercial building or for your home, there are several things to consider. An intercom system can be used to enhance security and they come in several different types including wired and wireless intercom systems. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right intercom system for your security needs.

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Wired or Wireless?

The first decision most homeowners or building owners will make is a wired or wireless intercom system. In some cases, you may not be able to use a wireless system. Wireless intercom systems don't work well for lower levels or basements in some buildings.

In the circumstances where a wireless system won't work, a wired intercom system is a great choice. This type of system will give you the opportunity to upgrade your security.

A wireless intercom system also gives you the ability to upgrade your security. It basically works as a two-way communications system with the ability to do more, if you prefer. A basic system can be upgraded to a DECT system, which will work a bit like a landline telephone. You can also add video to your intercom system.

Why Wireless May not be the Right Choice?

Sometimes wireless systems make sense, but sometimes, they don't. A wireless intercom system may be tampered with as it works a bit like a network of walkie-talkies. In addition, this type of system may be susceptible to eavesdropping and struggle from unreliable power.

A wireless intercom system can also have a limited range. It may be rather short range, which means it may not work for all buildings.

Why a Wired Intercom System May be a Great Choice?

A hardwired intercom system offers an intercom without nearly as many vulnerabilities as a wireless system. It cannot be tampered with in the same way and it won't have power issues, either. It's also a harder type of system to eavesdrop on, which makes it a bit more secure.

Making the Right Choice

While there are security concerns with a wireless system, you also don't have to worry about running wires all over your house or building to install this type of system. In addition, a wireless system makes it possible to move the units around, when necessary. It's also easy to add additional units.

Adding a wired unit when building a new building isn't as difficult as it is with an already existing building. However, it can still be done with the right intercom installation professionals to help you.

Should You Add Video?

A video intercom system can be even more secure as you can see the person paging. If your system will be used for entry into your property or home, it may be a good idea to have a video intercom system. With the right system, you'll be able to see the person trying to get in instead of just hearing their voice.

The security of your home or your building matters. Adding the right intercom system will help to upgrade your overall security. Just make sure you choose the right professionals to install your intercom system.