Simple Tips to Not Lose Your Keys

Do you ever have that problem of losing your keys? Your day is going along just fine and suddenly you can’t find your keys to get in the car and head home for the day. Maybe you made it home and you can’t find the keys to your house. Perhaps your teenager misplaced your car keys or you can’t find the key to your office.

Whatever the case, losing keys you use every day can give you that sinking feeling of worry, dread, and panic. Not only are you wasting time searching everything you own to find them, but you may be missing out on important obligations because you can’t get into the office, the car, or the house. Fortunately, there are some easy tricks that you can learn to ensure you don’t lose your keys anymore and the likelihood of losing them in the future will be slim to none. Try these tips to stop losing your keys.

Your life is too cluttered

One of the main culprits behind losing your keys or anything in your life is that you are lacking organization. It’s time to get rid of clutter once and for all, allowing you to easily see where you’ve placed items without things other visual distractions along the way. Minimizing your belongings to only keep on you the things you really need allows you to more easily find missing objects since there are fewer hiding spots.

Make a home for everything

Once you’ve started paring things down, you can start to make a “home” for everything you own. Now that you have less stuff, you can dedicate a place to where things go when they are not in use and this allows for you to eliminate excuses about why things are missing. As long as the keys, wallet, and phone have a spot that it’s supposed to go, it would be much harder to lose these items.

When you arrive home at night, make sure to put each item you’ve brought home with you in its dedicated spot, whether it’s the key rack, the bowl on the counter, or the hook by the door. Do this for each household member so that everyone knows where things go after using them and things stop getting lost.


Use technology for help

Now that you’re organized, it’s time to use technology to your advantage. For starters, it’s much harder to lose a phone when the ringer is on and you can find it by calling the phone. Sometimes you can’t find an item when looking for it or feeling for it in a bag, but you’ll eventually hear it and see it light up. Next, use technology to help keep track of your phone even easier.

You can attach a BlueTooth tracking device like Tile or download apps like “Find my Phone” to help you track the item in the event that it is lost and nowhere to be found. Just get on a desktop to locate your phone through these tech options.

It’s important to remember that life gets busy and forgetting things is bound to happen. By implementing tricks like these, you’ll find it easier to keep track of your stuff and have methods in place to find them if you were to lose it again. When you dedicate a space in your home for things to live, hang a motivational sign to remind you to put things in their place, stop collecting clutter, and use technology as an aid, things can stop getting lost and life can get a little simpler.

Use these tips to make sure you don’t lose your keys anymore! If you do get locked out, please call The Professional Locksmith and they'll get you in!