Reasons Why You’d Need to Replace Your Door Locks

Have you ever wondered what causes people to change their locks? It seems like one of those things that you would never really need to do unless you moved into a house, right? There are actually many reasons like moving that you’d definitely want to change your locks that you may not have really thought about before.

When you had your neighbor check on your house while you were away that one time, did you ever consider that someone could have gotten a hold of that key afterward? There are many reasons that probably hadn’t crossed your mind to cause a door lock replacement and below you will find a helpful guide to make sure you didn’t neglect to do so during one of these circumstances.

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After a break-in

One of the times you may have forgotten to change your locks was in the event that your house was broken into. After a terrible event like a break-in, you handle things with the police and insurance, but did you remember to change your locks?

The burglar could have access to your home again if you don’t change your locks since they could have gotten a hold of keys or they didn’t have a problem picking your old locks. Your locks could also be damaged from the burglary, so be sure to change them considering all of the circumstances.

Changing roommates

Do you rent out a room that has seen different roommates? You need to make sure that if you share a key with someone else and that arrangement ends that you are sure to change your locks. You and current roommates are the only ones that should have access.

Moved into a new house

If you moved into a new house, you’ll definitely want to change the locks for a fresh start and to avoid the last family or anyone associated with the sale to have access to your home. Anyone from the realtor to the inspector could have been given a key and it’s important that you get a fresh lock that only your family has access to.

Your locks are old

Sometimes locks just simply age and don’t work as well anymore. It’s a good sign if you are struggling to get in the door easily and if you don’t remember the last time you changed them. Be sure to keep them changed every few years.

Lost your keys

Did you lose your keys? Even with your copy still available, you don’t know who could have found your keys and could have access to your house. It’s a good idea to get them changed.

Neighbor watched the house while on vacation

When the kind neighbor across the street watches your house from you while you’re away, you have no idea where that key ends up or if anyone else could have made a copy of it. Be sure to change your locks after trusting someone with the key.

After a renovation

Did you renovate your home recently? This means that you’ve likely had several contractors at your house working on everything from plumbing to painting, especially during hours you were away. It’s important that you keep your home safe after a renovation by changing your locks in the event that anyone was able to swipe your key. They know what you own better than anyone.


If you’ve recently divorced or had a break-up, your partner likely still has access to your home. This is an important time to change those locks, in order to play it on the safe side with your security.

While moving to a new house warrants a new set of locks and keys, don’t forget about these other common situations that could warrant a home security refresher.