Is a Keyless Lock & Entry System Right for your Home

You may have considered making the switch to a keyless lock and entry system for the house after seeing how easily it works in your car or a vacation rental property. We even covered it just a couple of week ago because it is a hot topic - You don’t have to carry a key around and only your family knows the password to get in, making it really secure and simplified.

It’s trending these days because it gives the owner more control over the property and it’s convenient compared to carrying around spare keys, but some worry about how easy it is to transition. Take a closer look at keyless entry and what a remote keyless system is like so that you can understand more about it before getting it for your home.

Benefits of electronic door locks

If you are thinking about getting keyless locks, you may be wondering what benefits a remote keyless system would bring to your daily life. There are many benefits including better safety, how automatic it is, personal security, and even as prevention for forgetfulness.

No more trying to remember to grab the keys or to wondering where you last saw them since the remote access allows you to enter without access to your keys or a spare key.

If there comes a time when you are in a situation where you need to get in or leave the house quickly, you’re not longer fumbling through your bag, purse, or pockets trying to locate a key. This could be extremely beneficial in the case of an emergency or a safety situation in which someone is following you. When the kids need to go to school quickly or you are trying to get in the door with a handful of groceries, avoiding the fumble for keys can be extremely beneficial.

Another benefit of this system is that you can do extra things with it, such as having your porch lights come on while trying to unlock the door, have access to your window and door locks from a computer, and hiding the system by disguising them to resemble traditional doorknobs. You’ll also be able to get as many remotes as you want.

residential keyless entry.jpg

Keeping your keyless entry home secured

One of the tips you’ll need to remember with this system is that you’ll need to keep it secured. After your keyless entry installation, divvy up the codes for different people that you want to have access. for an office, each employee could have their own passcode, while for the home, you may want to give access to children that live outside of the home or for any hired help like a maid or nanny. These come in handy in the situation where someone no longer is welcomed in the home and the code can just be deleted for that person.

Be sure not to record your code that could potentially be found, such as in your computer that gets hacked or a notecard in your purse that could get lost. If you are going to write anything down, just write down a clue to yourself to remember it later. It may be difficult to make the code long enough, but it’s smart to max out the digits to make it harder for a thief to hack.

Finally, be sure to avoid making it something too personal that someone could guess it and always be changing it at least a couple of times a year. Don’t make it something obvious like your home address, zip code, or birth date, while updating it with something that you can remember when you change it every few months.

Keyless entry is a highly desirable system right now for homes and even offices that want more security and a simplified system. Talk to the professionals at ProLock to get your home setup with this modern technology that will make it easier for your family to get in and out of the house every day.