4 Tips to Secure Sliding Glass Doors in Your Home

An experienced burglar can get into your home through your sliding glass door in less than a minute. With more than 8 million property crimes happening every year, you should be aware of the entry points a burglar can get in through.

Securing your sliding glass doors will help to ensure your home is harder to break into. Of course, this should be just one of the steps you take in your full home security plan.

While your front door and your windows may be very secure, your sliding glass door may be lacking in this area. Here are four great tips to secure your sliding glass doors.

Install Additional Locks

Having a professional locksmith install additional locks is one of the best ways to secure your sliding glass doors. Yes, they do come with locks, but they are usually very simple latches that burglars can easily bypass. A heavy-duty latch guard made with hardened steel can be installed on both the bottom and the top of the sliding glass door to ensure it’s secure.

Add Window Film

Another way burglars get in through the sliding glass door is by breaking it. It's usually not too difficult to break, but it can also be easily secured with window film. Sure, you want to let in the natural light, but you also want to keep thing safe. Having a professional install the film means you can get the performance you want while letting in plenty of light.

With the right window film, you can make your sliding glass door shatterproof. This makes it much more difficult for a burglar to get in.

Add a Rod in the Tracks

Maybe the easiest way to add security to your sliding glass doors is with a rod in the tracks. A metal rod adds security and makes it harder to open the door. If you have a door with a metal rod, use it and the door will become far more secure.

If your sliding glass door doesn't already have a metal rod, you can add a wooden dowel from a local hardware store. This is a great way to keep your door secure.

Add Door Sensors

Another easy way to add protection to your sliding glass door is by using a glass break sensor on your door. This can be installed as a part of your home security system and the alarm will sound if the door is broken.

You can also add a door sensor to the actual door that will trigger the alarm if it's opened. With two sensors, you will have plenty of protection for your sliding glass door. You need both sensors to fully protect the door as one will sense the sound of broken glass, while the other will sense the door actually opening.

Use these four tips to make sure your sliding glass doors are all secured properly. Hiring the help of a professional locksmith and a home security professional will help to ensure you don't have to worry about burglars getting in through your sliding glass door.