Does Every Locksmith Provide the Same Type of Service?

When you think of a locksmith in Chicago, you probably think of someone to help you get into your house or car when you're locked out. While a locksmith can certainly provide emergency lockout services, they provide much more.

Are all locksmiths created equal? No.

Do they all provide the same services? No.

Can any locksmith get you into your car or home when you're locked out? Yes.

You're not wrong to think a locksmith is there to help in an emergency. However, it's a good idea to understand the many other services provides by a professional locksmith.

Basic Services Locksmiths Provide:

Along with helping you get into your car, home, or office when you're locked out, a locksmith will also:

  • Duplicate Keys

  • Install Locks

  • Replace Locks

  • Install Lock Accessories, such as a Latch Guard

  • Rekey a Lock

Most locksmiths will provide all of these basic services, along with any other service having to do with a key or a lock.

Additional Services Some Locksmiths Provide

Not all locksmiths provide more than basic services. However, when you choose a locksmith, such as The Professional Locksmith, you can use them for much more than just emergency locksmith services.

Along with the basic services, a good locksmith will also provide:

Some of theprolock’s many service offerings

Some of these more specialized services allow your locksmith to do more for you. Whether you need a locksmith for commercial or residential needs, the right locksmith will do more for you than just help you get into your car, home or office when you're locked out.

Locksmiths that Specialize

While some locksmiths only work on automobiles, homes, or buildings, others cover everything. There's nothing wrong with a locksmith specializing in providing emergency lockout services or rekeying services. However, you gain many benefits by choosing a locksmith with the ability to do more for you than just help in an emergency.

When you choose a locksmith with the ability to provide multiple services, some of which don't even include a lock, you'll be able to get more done from someone you trust.

It's best to choose a locksmith that knows how to do everything you need. Some locksmiths don't deal with specific types of keys, and they cannot make security recommendations for you. Whether you're running a business or just need help with a lock at home, choosing the right locksmith will make a difference.

Not Sure, Just Ask

When it comes to finding the right locksmith for your needs, even if you don't see the service listed on their website, ask if they provide it. Locksmiths, such as The Professional Locksmith, have the ability to provide several services other locksmiths may not provide. If you ask, you might just find exactly what you're after.

When it comes down to it, the answer to the question, does every locksmith provide the same services, is simply, No! Some locksmiths do more than others and it's a good idea to know what a locksmith can provide before hiring them, especially if you think you'll need more than just a simple service.