Essential Home Security System Features You Need

What are some of the essential home security system features you may need for your home? Home security systems have been around for years but today’s technology has allowed homeowners to put smart technology into the home, increasing the level of security and making the home more efficient altogether.

Instead of a few basic options that we used to have, homeowners now have thousands of possibilities that they can find on the market varying from small DIY home security systems to professionally-installed hardwired systems. Here’s a closer look at what features you could choose from and why you need them included in your home’s current security system setup.

Camera technology

For starters, hidden cameras used to just be found at businesses to keep surveillance on potential crime at a company, but now these little cameras are being found in neighborhoods at each house. Video technology is such a large part of today’s world that it just makes sense that homeowners would want an enhanced way to survey their home’s boundaries for potential threats.

home security camera system

While the first security cameras to be featured in these systems offered a simple grainy image in black and white, now you’ll have HD camera feeds that can be accessed from any of your smart devices in any location. These are a great way to record, watch, and be aware of what’s going on around your home while you’re away or from inside the home.

Wireless and hard-wired options

You’ll get to choose from both the wireless and hard-wired security systems when you get one installed in the home, but many current options are actually a mix of both. You’ll have those hardwired parts but you can communicate wirelessly.

It’s wise to choose one that has cellular capability because these systems will still work when the internet is down or the power goes out as long as you have a battery backup. Older systems worked with analog phone lines which are going to be obsolete in a matter of years.

Home automation

Automating the home is what everyone is doing right now because of the convenience of having a better sense of what is going on in and around the home from anywhere. This is one of the biggest innovations in technology right now as homeowners can now use a simple app on their phone or tablet to check on the home and interact with its systems.

You can now check your camera feed, arm your security system, turn the lights on and off, and open or shut your garage door from any location. These are not only great for securing the home, but they also allow you to function in the home from the touch of a button rather than being physically present.

Updating simple tech

Lastly, updates to basic technology are a great option to incorporate into your home. Your simple smoke detector can now be updated with a more modern sensor which allows you to get an actual alert of your home’s air analysis. Your window and door sensors can be integrated into your home security system to see if someone has tampered with either.

You can now update your technology with tamper-sensitive sensors to show you if someone has been altering your control panel and the temperature, or if there is a flood or fire alert to your home. You can now go a step farther when it comes to protecting your home from natural disasters or intruders.

You can even get a system in which the authorities are notified when a fire alarm system trips or have your HVAC system shut down and doors unlock if there is smoke in the home from a fire.

Whether you want to update your home with special sensors and cameras or you want to incorporate a brand new home security system with the hybrid wired and wireless technology that also features home automation, these are some of the essentials you need when it comes to today’s home security systems.