How can you increase the security of a door lock?

Your door locks are in place in your home to protect your home and your family. That is why it’s important to always take the time to perform maintenance and increases to your home’s security system. This all starts by ensuring your locks are as secure as the day you first bought them and utilizing technology to increase your security as new features hit the market. Take a look at the ways you can increase the security of your door lock and keep your home safer.

large lock on commercial door

Upgrade them

Start by upgrading your locks. Since this is a thing you use every single day and it’s a major way that you keep your home secure, you should make sure you are using the right kind for your door and that it’s working properly. Did you choose one that is appropriate for your door? Is it going to be weak against blunt force or the use of a bump key?

It may be time to call a locksmith to replace your old locks and install one of the trusted brands of door locks on the market. It’s also a great time to make sure you have a deadbolt since the handle or keyed knob is less important. Your deadbolt will be much harder to break-in compared to a spring loaded latch because you can’t get the bolt to move without rotating it at its core.

Your front door’s locking system is your entire security system to your home, which is why it’s so important to have the latest technology in door locks and have a professional locksmith install it for you. The wrong locks could mean a break-in and harm to your entrance. Make sure to get a deadbolt that extend one inch beyond the door and choose be a high-quality brand like Medeco that will be resistant to lock-picking or fake keys.

Reinforce your doors and glass surfaces

Next, take the time to have your doors and glass surfaces examined. These are other ways that criminals will try to break in. If you are using an old, light-weight door, it may be time to replace it with a solid door made with hardwood or metal inserts.

Have a professional locksmith come out to reinforce doors that do not need replaced and then have them examine your windows. Since windows are by most front doors, a criminal may try to break-in through this method. Strengthen your windows and glass by replacing them with a stronger material or by adding a security window film for extra protection. You can get a tinted window film or a clear one that will at least discourage most burglars because it’s not easy to shatter.

Add a security screen

Speaking of window films, you can also add a security screen to your front door. This is basically like having two doors in which one door is in front of the other door. This allows you to have a metal barrier with additional locks for your front door. Since they are made to open out, attempting to kick them in will likely be unsuccessful.

If a criminal sees additional deadbolts and keyed knobs to get in a house, they may give up on their plans. You will have the option to see through this door much better than a peephole while still remaining inside the house.

Lengthen set screws

Talk to your locksmith about how they can lengthen set screws. This is another trick to improve home security that is simple but effective. Simply have your strike plate and hinges’s ¾ inch set screws changed to 3-inch screws. If someone tries to kick the door in, you’ll find that the door is more likely to just splinter and fracture but not actually get kicked in.

Typically with the shorter set screws, when the door is kicked in the strike plate will get torn off the door when the trim is breaking. With a longer set screw, the strike plate won’t be as vulnerable since you are likely just attacking the stud of the door jam. You must also secure the door’s strike plate and hinge side in order for this to be effective during an attack.

Maintain and install more hardware

Finally, make sure you take the time to maintain your hardware and add additional features where needed. You can use slipcovers to add more metal content to a door to help strengthen it where it has vulnerabilities. If you have exposed or weakened bolts that you use to secure a door, get a cover that extends over the jam.

Consider installing securing devices from inside the home, such as a lock in the middle of the door or a chain lock. Add front door monitoring through surveillance cameras, smart locks, and smart doorbells to improve your ability to see what’s going on and deter criminals.

Use these tips to increase your front door locks since it is the most important security feature of your home!