Key Duplication Tips: Trust Your Locksmith to Get a Key Made

When you need to get a key duplicated, you usually need it done quickly. Whether you’ve found yourself locked out, you’ve changed your locks and need more copies, or your living situation has changed requiring a duplicated key, it’s important to be able to get what you need efficiently.

That is why you should work with your locksmith to get the key made when you need it. What is great about working with your locksmith is that they can duplicate keys on the spot, making it convenient but also affordable. Take a look at how your locksmith can help you when you need it the most.

Why you can trust your locksmith

You may have tried duplicating keys at the hardware store before, but they don’t always have what you need and it’s an extra errand to add to your week. Instead, you need fast results and a simpler solution. Getting keys duplicated from your locksmith is the best and easiest way to get your key needs handled.

They not only can do it on the spot for you, but they will make sure there are no issues with it before they leave. You’ll have a key made for a specific lock that they’ve assisted you with and you can guarantee it will work properly and be available right now. Your locksmith offers professional services for your home and office security needs, so it makes sense that you’d also use their services to get your key copy needs handled by them as well.

Why a locksmith is better than the hardware store

Going to the hardware store takes time, energy, and cash to accomplish when your locksmith can come to get you and get the job done quickly and affordable on the spot. You already trust your locksmith to handle other jobs for you like being locked out or changing the locks to the house, so it only makes sense that you’d use the same professionals to duplicate your keys. Your locksmith already makes thousands of key each year through their key cutting process in which they can take a blank key and cut it precisely to your lock.

You can get everything from your house keys to your car keys and even your mailbox keys duplicated you’re your professional locksmith. They keep the newest technology in key cutting which definitely outweighs going to a local hardware store with outdated technology.

Many times hardware stores don’t have what you need or cut it inaccurately which means you’ll have to make another trip to get it done right. You’re wasting your time and energy when you could have gotten it done accurately and affordably right on location.

key duplication machine

Key duplication services your locksmith will provide

Save yourself the stress when you need all kinds of new keys made and call your trusted locksmith. You can get everything made on the spot from house keys to car keys to a new copy of a broken key or a new key when the original was lost. Key copies and replacements for your home, office, and a vehicle can be made to order on the spot with a quick phone call.

You’ll find your locksmith commonly works with brands like MUL-T Locks, Kwikset Keys, Baldwin Keys, Master Lock Keys, Schlagle Keys, and more. It’s a small cost to have the locksmith come out and make that spare key that you desperately need and you can guarantee it will work before they leave. In a scenario where you have lost all keys, it’s possible for your locksmith to make a key directly from a lock, but it’s much easier to make a copy from a copy.

Store your copy in a safe place and if you ever lose your original, you can access your copy and have a locksmith make another copy for you. You’ll be quoted based on your individual key needs with affordable prices for all. Almost any key used in the US can be duplicated and you can feel safe and secure knowing that no information is stored about the key being cut.

You can trust your locksmith when you need to get a key made today!