Safes for You to Securely Store Valuables at Home

When it comes to storing your valuables, this is one area that you don’t want to take a shortcut. If a home burglary is going to happen, it’s crucial that you have a secure safe to store your valuables to avoid theft. Some of the most common items taken from homes are jewelry, money, firearms, baseball cards, and family heirlooms.

Not only is it important to protect these things that are worth good money or sentimental to you, but you should have a way to protect important personal documents like birth certificates and passports in the event of a fire or other disaster. Take a look at the best way to securely store your valuables at home from theft or a disaster.

Small safes for your home or office

To get started, you may simply want a small safe to use in your home or office.

You can get a lightweight and inexpensive safes like Amazon Basics Security Safe which features 0.5 cubic feet of steel-enclosed space and a carpeted floor only accessible digitally.

A Combination Fire Safe is great if you need fire and water protection for things like photos and USB drives, such as the SWF123DSB for something heavy duty in the home.

One of the best in fireproof safes for those wanting a small safe is the First Alert 2092DF that can float and handle fires. It has a programmable lock and steel locking bolts and weighs a hefty 100lbs.

For a Biometric safe to hold your valuables or firearms, get the BARSKA biometric safe for an inexpensive, small, and ideal storage solution.

By Tanemori (Hatena Ftolife) [CC BY 2.1 jp (], via  Wikimedia Commons

By Tanemori (Hatena Ftolife) [CC BY 2.1 jp (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Varieties in size and features

When you aren’t concerned about size or price and simply want the best for your valuables, your home could use one of the safes mentioned below.

The Safstar Digital Electronic Security Safe Box is a great choice for something compact, affordable, and for the smart accessibility, it allows between the digital PIN and the backup key option. It won’t hold as much as the large SentrySafe SFW205CWB water-resistant combination safe which gives you 60% more storage than a traditional safe, so it’s important to determine what size you need from the start.

If you are concerned about a fireproof option, the SentrySafe can’t offer that, but you can get that feature with the First Alert 2092DF. If you like something compact, the Safstar is one of the best, but the Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe is another option which allows access electronically and with backup keys. On the larger end of things, the SentrySafe is a top choice, as well as the BARSK Large Biometric Safe that features a huge memory storage for fingerprints and a silent access mode.

Options for the ultimate hiding places

If your goal is to be as discrete a possible, you may like one of these types of safes in your home. Store your valuables in a hollowed-out book, wrapped up in your freezer, or in a VHS tape. There are places in your home that a thief is less likely to look, giving you protection through discretion, but it won’t save you from a fire or flood. For discrete hiding options, hide your valuables in a houseplant or under the plastic liner of your trash can. Try a hollowed-out book or false VHS tape in your living room where a criminal is not likely to spend the time digging.

A false container in your kitchen could be under the sink or disguised as a food box, while an item that isn’t temperature sensitive could be hidden in aluminum foil in the back of your freezer. Try a floor safe in your bedroom or inside a container marked as “Christmas ornaments” in your attic. Just avoid hiding things in your desk drawers, your jewelry box, a DVD case that is worth more than your VHS tapes, or in an area that could get damaged like your jars of food or your toilet’s water tank.

When it comes to protecting your valuables or those hard to replace items, these are some of the most efficient ways to protect them. Be sure to get your home and office equipped with what you need today. Call The Professional Locksmith for more information!