Prevent Garage Break-Ins with the Correct Garage Door Locks

If you’ve ever worried about a garage break-in or have experienced one yourself, you know that this can be a challenging situation in the protection of your home. It’s an important aspect to keeping your home safe and often times people will leave the door unlocked from the garage to the home assuming that their garage is secure.

Unfortunately, standard garage door locks aren’t very secure and are easy to be bypassed by a criminal. Take a look at how you can prevent a garage break-in by updating to one of these correct garage door locks.

Garage door locks

There are a few different garage door lock types you can choose from with electronic options bringing new technology into garage door safety. You’ll find the most popular options that most homeowners are choosing now include electronically-operated locks, a garage door deadbolt, and a keyless digital lock.

Garage door deadbolts are great for those that prefer to leave technology out of the picture and just use a good old-fashioned deadbolt lock. You can get a single cylinder or a double cylinder; both options being great for deterring criminals from being able to break in. A single cylinder works by operating a knob from the inside while requiring a key from the outside. The double cylinder option would require a key from both sides of the door.

Electronic locks

If you like the idea of using technology in your lock, choose an electronically-operated lock that require fingerprint activation. These are great because criminals can’t possible have a copy of that to break in and they would likely see your house as not worth the hassle.

You can program any fingerprints you want to be able to access the garage door. The only downside is that you’ll lose the convenience of hitting the button from your car and entering your garage in a jiff, but you’ll have an added safety measure that can’t be matched.

Keyless digital locks

Lastly, a keyless digital lock is a similar option to your electronic lock option, but with a higher tech operation. You’ll use a digital keypad in this scenario where you enter a code of your choosing to gain access. These are difficult to break into compared to a regular garage door lock and you’ll likely be able to get a warranty in the event that an intruder damaged it trying to break in.

Garage door home safety tips

The first tip to having better security for your home is to change your older garage door lock into one of these new options. Your traditional garage door lock is not very secure but your local professional locksmith can upgrade it for you in not time.

If you choose a lock that comes with a garage door remote, be sure to avoid putting it in your vehicle and having it on display since an intruder could break into your car and open up the garage that way. A keychain remote opener is a better alternative since it stays with your keys.

Despite the update security, you’ll want to secure the door into your house from the garage like you would your front door. Don’t leave the garage door open and cover up garage windows. Despite having a more secure home, an intruder may try anything to have the chance to steal something that they’ve eyed from outside.

You can prevent garage break-ins by choosing the correct garage door locks. Check out these popular options that a locksmith can update your home with right away.