Is Keyless Entry Really More Secure?

Many people are making the switch to keyless entry, especially when it comes to their cars. It’s a handy way to get into the car without requiring you to be at the car opening the lock with a key. When you don’t feel like digging for the keys, you can simply use a wireless fob system, or if you want to unlock it before you even get to the car, you can hit the unlock button.

If you leave the key in the car, you can open the door by using the code on the outside of the car. All of these are different forms of keyless entry and it makes people feel more secure when away from the vehicle. Is it really more secure? Take a look at the vulnerabilities that you could deal with when it comes to keyless entry.

How keyless entry works

Adding a keyless entry to your car or purchasing a car with keyless entry means that you can get into your car in a hands-free capacity. There are cars that allow you to unlock the car doors without pushing any buttons and just by being close to the vehicle with your wireless fob, while others allow you to get in with the push of an unlock bottom or by punching in a code next to the door handle.

You may still use your key to start the car, but getting inside becomes a breeze with keyless entry systems. This is also amazing for those that locked the keys inside or lost their keys while they are out because they can still get into the car and they can have someone bring them a spare key while waiting inside the car. If your keys are buried at the bottom of your purse, simply let yourself in the vehicle and look for ignition key while you are inside the car.


The vulnerabilities of having one

Now keyless entry has become so common and at the same time, criminals are getting smarter about breaking into these systems. While most people feel more secure with their keyless entry, criminals are starting to hack into these systems, stealing items from within the car without any trace of their presence. There are no longer broken windows or signs of forced entry; criminals can now purchase devices that allow them access to your vehicle and anything inside without a trace.

How to protect your car from hacking

How can you protect yourself from these hackers? First is to understand that criminals can now get secret devices to unlock cars and sometimes drive off with them. Do not keep valuables in the car because you are leaving your belongings vulnerable. In some cases, criminals are using laptops with a radio transmitter to figure out the car’s unique code by cycling through millions until they find the right one.

It’s suspected that criminals are using “power amplifiers” to get into keyless entry cars. When you try to unlock the car, your car will wirelessly call out for your key so that you can get inside, and when the key calls back the door will unlock. Since it only searches within a couple of feet of the car, the power amplifier is stretching the distance it can call and allowing the car to unlock if your keys are in a building nearby. One way to avoid this hack is to keep your keys in a freezer to avoid letting the signal get in or out.

In conclusion, it may actually be more secure to not have keyless entry. While the hacking is relatively new, there isn’t much data to determine the source of the hacking and all of the techniques being used to hack these systems. Until more research has been done to stop these criminals from entering keyless cars, you may be safer with your traditional keys. If you do happen to lose your keys or lock them in the car, you can always call a professional locksmith to help you in these situations.