When Will You Need a Locksmith to Open a Safe?

Your safe gives you a place to store valuables and keep your things secure. No matter what you store in your safe, it can become rather stressful if you cannot figure out how to get it open.

Locksmiths can help with anything from installing a safe to opening a safe you cannot get into. Here are the times you should consider hiring a local locksmith to help you get into your safe.

picking a safe lock

You Broke the Key in the Lock

If the key broke off in the lock, you will need a locksmith to help you get into your safe. It's not a time to panic as this is a solvable issue, but you will need some assistance.

Often, this happens when you look through a loved one's belongings after they have passed away. You may discover a safe with a corroded lock or key and try to open it. Then, the key beaks and you cannot get into the safe.

Of course, this can happen with any safe that requires a key. If the key breaks in the lock, call a local locksmith for help.

You've Lost the Key or Combination

The most common reason you will need a locksmith to open a safe for you is a lost key or combination. Don't try to break into the safe yourself as you will likely damage it and you could hurt yourself. Instead, call a professional locksmith and they can use the proper tools to get into the safe without causing damage to it.

Jammed Bolts

In some cases, the bolts on a safe may jam and you cannot get it open. Even with the right key or combination, you cannot get in and you need the help of a locksmith.

Jammed safe bolts can happen when the safe malfunctions and a locksmith will know how to get into your safe.

Lockout Mode Engaged

If you have a more advanced safe that offers a lockout mode, you may need a locksmith if this mode becomes engaged. Most commonly, this happens because you forgot your combination code and entered it wrong too many times. This will trigger the lockout mode to go into effect and you will need a locksmith to get into the safe for you.

This feature is common on electronic safes and you will need a locksmith with the ability to work with an electronic lock. Maybe you didn't enter the code wrong, but someone tried to break into your safe and triggered the lockout mode. Either way, a good locksmith will help you get into the safe.

Damage to the Safe

Whether the internal components or the wiring has been damaged, a damaged safe may not let you in. It could have become damaged due to neglect, an attempted break-in or another reason. No matter the reason, if you have a damaged safe you need help getting into, a locksmith should be your next call.

Anytime you cannot get into a safe you own, you should call a locksmith before attempting to break in on your own. A locksmith will likely be able to get into the safe and also keep it from becoming damaged in the process.