How to decide if you need indoor home security cameras

You’ve probably heard of families getting indoor home security cameras and you may have never considered the purpose of doing so. Why would you want cameras inside your home? Typically you would put cameras on the outside of your home to see in case there is an intruder, but a camera in the house seems unnecessary.

Actually, an indoor home security camera is wise because you’ll be able to check in when you’re away. Additionally, it can come in handy for pet owners. Take a look at some of the reasons that people get indoor home security cameras and why you should too.

interior security cameras

Checking in on family and pets

You do have to leave the house sometimes as much as you may enjoy being home. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just having a night away, it’s nice to be able to check in and make sure everyone is safe. Specifically, pet owners really like indoor cameras so that they can check in on their pets while they are away for the day or in the evening. If you have kids that are old enough to be home alone, you’ll feel better knowing that you can see them and make sure everything is ok.

Have evidence if something were to happen

If someone were to break in while you’re on vacation, you’ll have it on tape. You’ll be able to see what happened inside your home and have evidence to give the police in order to try to catch the criminal. Knowing you have this at your disposal will make you feel much more secure.

Even if you’re not on vacation and just tend to spend long hours at the office, you’ll love being able to monitor your home from anywhere. Indoor home security cameras work by giving you access from a smart device where you can watch a camera feed.

You’ll love being able to go live in your own living room from your phone at work. You could even check in on your tablet from your bedroom if you want to make sure everything is safe in another room of the house. 

See why an alarm went off

If an alarm were to go off, you’ll actually receive a notification on your smart device right away. This means that you can check in and see what is going on. Perhaps someone tried to enter your front door or a smoke alarm went off. Having that indoor camera feed will give you a way to quickly respond to a situation.

More security for your valuables

Finally, you can stop worrying about your valuables. You can check on your pets and the status of your home any time you feel uneasy, but now you also have a way to keep an eye on your jewelry and family heirlooms. Stop worrying about your valuables by having a way to check in on them anytime you want.

There are so many reasons to get an indoor home security camera. Check out great options like the Nest Cam or Canary today.

Does Every Locksmith Provide the Same Type of Service?

When you think of a locksmith in Chicago, you probably think of someone to help you get into your house or car when you're locked out. While a locksmith can certainly provide emergency lockout services, they provide much more.

Are all locksmiths created equal? No.

Do they all provide the same services? No.

Can any locksmith get you into your car or home when you're locked out? Yes.

You're not wrong to think a locksmith is there to help in an emergency. However, it's a good idea to understand the many other services provides by a professional locksmith.

Basic Services Locksmiths Provide:

Along with helping you get into your car, home, or office when you're locked out, a locksmith will also:

  • Duplicate Keys

  • Install Locks

  • Replace Locks

  • Install Lock Accessories, such as a Latch Guard

  • Rekey a Lock

Most locksmiths will provide all of these basic services, along with any other service having to do with a key or a lock.

Additional Services Some Locksmiths Provide

Not all locksmiths provide more than basic services. However, when you choose a locksmith, such as The Professional Locksmith, you can use them for much more than just emergency locksmith services.

Along with the basic services, a good locksmith will also provide:

Some of theprolock’s many service offerings

Some of these more specialized services allow your locksmith to do more for you. Whether you need a locksmith for commercial or residential needs, the right locksmith will do more for you than just help you get into your car, home or office when you're locked out.

Locksmiths that Specialize

While some locksmiths only work on automobiles, homes, or buildings, others cover everything. There's nothing wrong with a locksmith specializing in providing emergency lockout services or rekeying services. However, you gain many benefits by choosing a locksmith with the ability to do more for you than just help in an emergency.

When you choose a locksmith with the ability to provide multiple services, some of which don't even include a lock, you'll be able to get more done from someone you trust.

It's best to choose a locksmith that knows how to do everything you need. Some locksmiths don't deal with specific types of keys, and they cannot make security recommendations for you. Whether you're running a business or just need help with a lock at home, choosing the right locksmith will make a difference.

Not Sure, Just Ask

When it comes to finding the right locksmith for your needs, even if you don't see the service listed on their website, ask if they provide it. Locksmiths, such as The Professional Locksmith, have the ability to provide several services other locksmiths may not provide. If you ask, you might just find exactly what you're after.

When it comes down to it, the answer to the question, does every locksmith provide the same services, is simply, No! Some locksmiths do more than others and it's a good idea to know what a locksmith can provide before hiring them, especially if you think you'll need more than just a simple service.

How to Know What Type of Gun Safe You May Need

There’s nothing more important with gun ownership than having a way to secure your firearm. Whether it’s keeping your family safe from accidents or keeping an intruder from getting access to it, having a secure firearm should be a top priority.

The problem is, you can’t just buy any old gun safe and not think much of it. You have to choose your gun safe carefully and consider many variations in your decision on how to secure your guns. Take a look at some of the factors you need to consider before you’ll know what type of gun safe you’ll need.

Types of safes

The first thing you’ll want to look at is what kind of safe you will need. All safes are going to offer something different which means you will need to know what type of safe functions are important for your gun. Some safes are perfect from simply protecting children in the house from accessing it, such as a metal cabinet with a lock or a small gun safe if you don’t want something that is going to add weight to your wooden floors.

On the other hand, if you need something that is going to be hidden away from an intruder, you’ll want to get something that can be hidden easily, such as a floor safe or wall safe. You can incorporate safes into the home to be as discrete as possible from outsiders of the home.

You also may want a safe that is going to protect the gun from fire damage. In fact, the greatest risk to you is fire, followed by the threat of theft, which means you need to consider a fireproof option and a theft-protection type of safe at the same time. If you brought it into the house, a thief could remove it from the house, which means a safe that is built into the home will serve you better.

What should the safe include?

After you’ve decided which type of safe you’ll need, you’ll want to think about what you’re putting into the safe. In some cases, homeowners want to include more than just their guns into the safe. This means that you would need to find something that is going to be the right size for both your rifles and other guns, to your valuable jewelry or important documents. Get a larger rifle safe if you’re going to keep all of this together and plan on it holding twice the number of guns you currently own.

Options to consider

There are many different types of gun safes that you could choose from but the most important thing is that you pick one that can be attached to the floor, handle a high-temperature fire, and can withstand the beating of an ax that an intruder may try on it. Then look at the locks and decide between a low-maintenance combination lock, the popular electronic lock, or a biometric lock using a fingerprint to open it up.

You’ll want to avoid getting a discounted safe and focus on one that will do the job which could run you anywhere from $1,200-$1,500. Choosing the right lock is vital, but keep in mind that many experts prefer the electronic locks. Choosing one big enough to accommodate future gross and easy access to your other valuables is important.

Make sure the safe can pass fire ratings, offer climate-control seals, and has external hinges for an improved door swing. Great options on the market right now include the Buffalo 38-gun safe, the Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun safe, and the Fort Knox Personal Pistol Box Handgun Safe.

Be sure to consider these factors before choosing the right gun safe for your home and speak to a professional about safe installation.

opening a home gun safe

What to do With Your Old Intercom System

Does your home have one of those old-school intercom systems still set up throughout the home? While you may love their vintage feel and still even try to use it at times, it’s likely causing an eyesore and isn’t really serving a purpose in your home. Older homes sometimes come with quirks like these old intercom systems that probably don’t function well enough to really consider utilizing today.

an old intercom system

That’s why you are likely looking for a way to remove these old wired systems and integrate a modern wireless system throughout the house. The good news is that a professional can come out and remove these systems for you. Take a look at what you can do about the old intercom system in your home.

Have it removed

If you don’t want the intercom system in the house whatsoever, call a professional it have it removed from the home. They are usually hardwired into the home but sometimes they are actually just battery operated or plugged into the AC outlet of the wall.

It doesn’t take much to remove the wall outlet or battery operated versions, but the hardwired ones can be complicated. Have a professional properly remove these units and then you’ll need to close the hole with drywall or putty.

You can simply conceal it

Others are looking for a simple solution to this eyesore and just want to conceal the unit. Sometimes removal is more than they were looking for so concealing it with furniture, wall hangings, or plants can be an easy solution.

Many people simply put their bookcase or wall pictures in that spot but you could easily camouflage with décor in the home. Perhaps the color of the unit is the only real issue in which you could paint it to reflect more modern style and maybe even use the unit.

Repair it for use

As mentioned, sometimes these units don’t work and that is why a homeowner wants it out of the house. You can actually look into simply having the intercom repaired so that your family can actually enjoy this fun feature in the home. if it’s not out of the budget to repair it, the right vendor may have the replacement part you need to actually enjoy the radio in the wall and the ability to talk to your family from another room.

Upgrade it with modern technology

Another fun option is to upgrade it using modern technology. Your home is already wired for the system, so now you can simply upgrade the operation of it with a more sophisticated intercom system. You could incorporate a video option, radio, and more.

Replace it

If you like the idea of the unit but you don’t want to pay for a replacement part, you could always replace it with another model. Look online for vintage replacements or use this as a chance to upgrade to a newer radio system. This is a great opportunity for some creativity with an older unit that is already a part of the home.

Whether you want to hide it, replace it, upgrade it, or repair it, you can have a lot of fun with your old intercom system. Use these tips to decide what to do with your home’s intercom system from years ago. Contact The Professional Locksmith for more information on what intercom system is best for you!

How to Integrate Smart Home Accessories with Your Security System

There’s nothing more important than a secure home. That’s why integrating a security system into your home is the first step in bringing a sense of security and deterring crime while living in this home. What’s better is that now you can incorporate smart technology into your security system which will take that security a step further.

Instead of just your basic security system setup, you’ll now have access to more features and all at your fingertips from your smart devices. With features like smart lighting, automation controls, access to your locks, and automated system checks throughout the day, your security system will now be working for you. Take a look at how to integrate smart home accessories with your security system.

What home automation systems can do

Home automation security systems are the future of home security systems and homeowners are already installing these left and right. With most people owning smart devices now and accessing apps for just about every process they do throughout the day, it just makes sense that one of those processes would be keeping an eye on your home’s security to watch out for breaches. Smart homes now have all of their systems automated and give you access through your smart devices so that you can be a part of the process from home or while away.

home automation and security system

While you’ll need a professional to install these systems, you’ll gain so many benefits to incorporating it into your home. for starters, you’ll find that home automation systems give you control from one place through the app on your phone or tablet, while before you had to rely on being physically present in front of the system where it was installed in the home.

Next, you’ll be able to be in two places at once because you’ll be able to do things like lock the front door while changing the thermostat and lighting all from the touch of a button. The way things used to work would require you to actually go to the door or the light switch to change these things.

You’ll also have video cameras, a wireless system, a 2-way voice panel, and automation that can be controlled through both the app and by voice. These systems come with customer service, warranties, and system checks throughout the day to ensure everything is working. You’ll have professional monitoring to ensure you can reach someone when needed and all you’ll need is a contract and monthly rate to ensure your house is protected in the most efficient way.

How smart homes increase security and simplify life

With smart accessories, security systems in homes are becoming more efficient and better overall. When you start integrating these accessories into your home’s security system, you’ll find that it’s easier to leave the house to go out of town or simply go to work each day knowing that your home is protected. 

Not only is your home more protected, but you have easier access to the regular functions of your home that you would need to interact with anyway. Entertaining guests now becomes hassle-free when you can change the lighting or turn on the music from your smartphone.

Change the thermostat while you’re at work and shortly before you get home to ensure comfort and savings to your utility bill. Turn the lights on while you’re on vacation to ensure that a possible criminal thinks that you are actually home. These affordable accessories won’t break the bank, while also helping your utility budget and giving you that priceless peace of mind while you’re away.

Recommended systems

You can start integrating smart home accessories right away into your security system. Simply call the professionals at The Professional Locksmith in Chicago and ask about getting your home equipped with smart technology today.

You can also purchase equipment to add to your current setup, such as a smart thermostat, smart lighting, smart locks, and smart speakers. These can be integrated into the home by connecting your switches and plugs to give you the remote control of the unit from your smart device.

If you want to deter criminals and simplify your home’s daily functions, integrate smart home accessories into your security system.